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The second most dissapointing tourist attraction in Europe (according to a survey)

I'm in Germany! I've heard this country is beautiful, and I'm excited to finally be here. This morning I got in about 7 AM, with absolutely no idea where I was going to stay. Walking into the station I saw loads of food stands, immediately reminding me of how hungry I was, but first plan of attack was finding somewhere to get this pack of my back. Looking at the exit of the station I noticed a big sign pointing to the right and offering accomodation at the Meininger Hotel/Hostel. Sweet! This should be easy-I'd stayed at one of their locations in Vienna and remembered it being nice, clean, and comfy with the all important Wi-Fi connection.

With a mission, I started towards it, only to end up stopping at another hostel along the way, which ended up being cheaper than their advertized price.

A pretty church? To be honest I have no idea which one this is, I've seen so many at this point!
Fifteen Euro a night got me into a hostel near the station, and the best part was that they let me check in this early, which meant I got to sleep and take a much needed shower. For the first time in the 7 weeks I've been traveling, I realized that I smelled and absolutely hated the fact. A good two hours of sleep and a shower later, and I was ready to conquer Munich, and I was ready just in time to make a free walking tour, which was guided by a nice Canadian girl named Stacey.

Searching the faces of English speakers in my tour group, it took me about 10 minutes to break my way into a group and make friends. Most of them were from Arizona, and over lunch after the tour I found out that one of them, Matt, knows Bilte from one of his Urban Planning classes back at ASU.

For the third time this week, what a small world! I actually ended up learning lots of interesting facts about Munich, like how there is no Australian embassy in the city, but every year at Octoberfest there are so many Aussies who come, get trashed, and lose their passports, that there is a temporary embassy tent set up for just this festival. Also, the belltower with dancing people, a marraige scene, and a joust going around at 10, 12, and 5 every day was voted the #2 most disappointing sight to see in Europe, which I found entertaining.

When there was an uprising against Hitler, he had been going down the street with 2,000 men and the resistance and police saw them coming and made a blockade. There ended up being gunfire for a good while and Hitler's bodyguard took 11 shots for him, saving his life.

Four of the resistence were killed, one innocent bystander, and fifteen on Hitler's men. Hitler reasoned that the police who climbed over the barricade were not doing so in attempt to harm him, but in fact coming to join him, and that the one innocent bystander must have, by default since Hitler was so cool, been on his side. Hence a memorial plaque to the dead near Marienplatz and anyone who passed it was forced to raise their right hand in salute, and those who did not were beaten into submission or even put into Daschau, the original Nazi death camp that all the other camps were modeled after.

There is a second memorial to the people who walked around the building to avoid making this salute and showing support. Nazi guards soon caught on and counted the number of times people made this detour, and if they got to a certain number they would once again beat them into submission.

No eating ice cream?
Stacey pointed out to us that one of the things she admires about Germany is their willingness to accept their history and talk about it. There are 120 small memorials pertaining to the Holocaust set up around the city.

After dinner came the second tour of the day, which is two more tours than I normally do, especially on so little sleep, but there was no was I could miss doing the beer challenge! Andrew was nice enough to lend me his second jacket as we didn't have enough time to get back to my hostel for me to layer up, and we met up with our Irish guide who, after giving us all our first free beer, took us to three pubs and the Octoberfest Muesum. The beer here is delicious, with the Hefeweizen definitely being my favorite-I think it even rivals my love to Belgian White beers.

One of the great things about how they brew beer here is that there are no preservatives, which usually prevents a hangover, but does nothing for how full it makes you. After just 3 beers I decided I couldn't fit anymore in me, and watched in amusement as my new friends got drunker and drunker.

At the end of the night there was a proposal. And no, it wasn't a proposal to go get more beer after the tour. It was actually a marraige proposal. In a hostel bar! Unless I randomly end up meeting the love of my life in an epic night at a hostel somewhere, I sure hope whoever I end up with finds somewhere classier to propose than drunk and in a bar with 25 strangers! With promises to meet up the next morning for the Neuschwanstein Castle tour we all parted ways and I drifted into a happy sleep, excited to see Walt Disney's inspiration the next day.

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The second most dissapointing tour…
The second most dissapointing tou…
A pretty church? To be honest I ha…
A pretty church? To be honest I h…
No eating ice cream?
No eating ice cream?
photo by: AleksandraEa