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Look Ma...Just like the statue!

If you've ever been to Asia before, you understand just how excited the average backpacker gets at the prospect of A/C in their hotel or bungalow. The sight of a unit in my dorm room when I first arrived in Singapore gave me the same feeling-that is until I woke up with a sore throat this morning from the very generous blast coming from above my head.

Not wanting to wake Jonathon after his late night out, I browsed the internet for a bit before finally waking him up around noon and telling him that I was heading out soon, which had us up and out of there in about twenty minutes. I shuddered a bit for a second looking at the giant Elmo doll seeming to stare in our direction from the corner of the ten bed dorm room; I don't know what the lady who had occupied that bed the night before had been thinking when she brought her infant son along who not only graced us with a creepy doll, but fits of crying througout the night.

Love it!

All was well and good though once we headed out onto the street, making a beeline straight to this big hawker center where we ate like kings for the price of, well, Burger King. After sampling several dishes I was reminded of just how much I love a good chicken sate, and promised myself that I'd learn how to make the peanut sauce when I get back home.

Lonely Planet had promised us that the botanical gardens were absolutely beautiful and definitely worth it, so with the book, a map, and Jon's handy compass we headed out. Nearly ten malls and a lovely walk through a swanky golf course later we finally found ourselves in the middle of what turned out to be a garden just as stunning as we'd hoped for, which was a good thing considering we'd taken nearly three good hours trying to find it as we'd decided walking would be a fabulous idea since we'd see more of the city that way.

Downtown Singapore
While the walk was long, it was good having time to just get to know Jon and chat about everything from politics to money to family.

We strolled through several more malls after the gardens (Singapore has this crazy thing with malls and a knack for rampant consumerism), settling on food courts for dinner as we couldn't be bothered to find another hawker food center. Finding super glue for Jon's shoes was the last on our agenda before heading back to the hostel to get ready to go out with his friends. After booking the same flight to Bali in two days for a seemeingly bargain price of $150, which was way better that the $250 AirAsia option, we donned our best clothes and headed out on the town. The night ended up being pretty pleasant, barhopping to some of the trendiest places in town, which also happened to (of course) have some of the most expensive drinks around. 'Whatever-I'm only in Singapore once,' I think to myself as I sip my fifteen dollar margarita.

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Look Ma...Just like the statue!
Look Ma...Just like the statue!
Love it!
Love it!
Downtown Singapore
Downtown Singapore
Even the malls are cool
Even the mall's are cool
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