Get ready, Get Set...and Wait-Four More Weeks til Takeoff!

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My facebook status right now:
Four more weeks. Feels like forever, but tomorrow at the same time. I can't wait-this is going to change my life! Ah so many details to take care of, I think I'm just gonna go with the flow. Wow. This is really happening :)
It's been 9 months since I graduated, four years since I dreamed up this trip, and guess what? I'm sooo ready to leave! Like ready to leave today, ready. At least ready in the way that I'm getting super antsy to get on that plane and take off for London. What can one girl, a backpack, and a big huge dream do with 6 months? I'm about to find out and work is getting harder to drag myself to every day. On the one hand, I know each day I walk up to my tables, smile, and try to make their day with great food and hopefully fantastic service (yes, I actually like my jobs most of the time, even if guests can be dumb sometimes) that I'll be making more money for the trip of a lifetime, but on the other hand, it means I'm still in the States. At work. Joy. But I try to remind myself that working 50 hours+ a week means 6 months of not working. Six months! I don't know if I can emphasize enough how excited the mere thought of that makes me. Sometimes Long Beach, or college will come up, and people ask increduously why I would move from somewhere exciting like LA/Long Beach to a small town up north. I smile and tell them about my trip, probably sound a little too excited (possible? naw) hoping that maybe they'll tip me well so I can afford it!
It's not that I'm lazy and hate work. I actually like being busy, go a little crazy just sitting around. But damn this world is a beautiful, amazing place. Please excuse my French. I was raised not to swear, but as I've grown older, I've realized that sometimes those few colorful choice words are the only way to express just how strongly you feel about something. And if there's one thing that I feel strongly about, it's that there's so much out there that we have been blessed with-from man made wonders like the Great Wall of China, to natural phenomenons like the rocks jutting out of Halong Bay, to the millions of beautiful, fascinating creatures that live in the sea. I could spend hours in the Aquarium Concepts store near my house, just looking at all the salt-water fish in there; I can't begin to fathom what scuba diving in Thailand or Indonesia will do to me!
Yesterday I told my mom I needed to pick up some stuff for my trip. She of course asked if I wanted company, and of course I agreed to have her come along. As we drove through the rolling green hills of small Danville, California I couldn't help but smile. Hey, thanks for passing along your appreciation of life to me I said to her. She laughed, and in her protective mom-way of being scared half to death at the thought of her only daughter traipsing around the world alone, responded with Well, sometimes I wish you didn't appreciate it THIS much! Come back alive, ok? Of course :) Two hours and $150 later, we returned home with a bag of travel goodies, from luggage locks, to funny little dissolvable soap strips, to eye masks so I can (hopefully) get some good quality shut-eye on those long train rides.
I've changed my travel plans so many times in the past nine months, from including South America, to scratching that and adding an African safari, to trying to squeeze in Australia. Now it's down to Europe and Asia, and I couldn't be happier with my choice. I have the rest of my life to see those other continents, but I want to do this trip right; not leave anything out if I can help it. I know I still have a lot to do (like find travel insurance) but I can't wait.
This trip isn't years away anymore, it's not even months away, it's down to weeks and days now, and I couldn't be more excited if someone handed me a million dollars!
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