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On the boat outside the city walls

The past few years I've seen the postcard perfect photo of Dubrovnik, and I decided I absolutely had to get this shot, so I wandered off rather early to find my way up the hill. It wasn't as easy as it sounds, with the hills in this area being a bit of a maze, but I made my way up to a higher point and got some great shots I was satisfied with. Sitting on cliffs and just looking over the city I couldn't believe that I was actually here, it's absolutely gorgeous.

At 11 I boarded a "speed boat" (not so speedy after all) with "free, unlimited wine," as promised. Happy to see others my age on board, I soon made friends with a bungh of rowdy English boys, all in their mid-twenties but acting as if they were 19.

View from my random perch on the hill
Where's our free wine? We were promised free wine!" They kept saying. We did get some terrible home-made brandy, which seems to be the thing to make yourself in Croatia, but no wine, which peeved quite a few on board-mostly due to the principle of the matter, don't sell us on something and not follow through!

The day ended up being pretty great, with the first island bringing us to what looked like a family owned restaurant with pretty good fresh fish and chicken. We got to know an Aussie and English couple who were wondering with several others why they were charged for their 2nd beer, stupid advertising! Nonetheless, we spent the next few hours wandering around three different islands, my favorite being one with a pretty beach. The English boys all got in the water and literally started frollicking around, picking each other up, and throwing each other around.

'That's a lotta man love going on out there,' me and the English girl commented. Made more sense when one of them told us that after university they all parted ways and don't see each other except for these short holidays they go on every once in a while.

Back on the boat on the way back to the main port, the Aussie finally had enough and asked about the wine. Without a second though, the captain's helper, or whatever he's called, went into a closet and pulled out wine. "Free Wine!!' The entire boat, except for the rather out of place family, erupted in cheers, and soon we were all getting on just great, laughing and telling ridiculous stories. Everyone I'd just made friends with decided to go out for drinks, but sadly I had to tell them that I couldn't because I'd never find my way back to where I'm staying.

Ah, you have to come out with us! I promise we'll help you find your way back,' the already well-buzzed Aussie promised me. 'Ah what the heck, I'm only here once,' I think, as I quickly change my mind.

The rest of the night consisted of a really chill bar with buckets of delicious mixed drinks and live music, then an underground club with loads of Croatians and local music which I couldn't understand a word of, and finally the french fries I'd been craving for weeks at a restaurant patio in the old town. The Aussie was indeed drunk, and at this point they had no idea how they were getting home, so I ended up crashing in the extra bed in the English guys' hostel, which worked out perfectly, until I noticed the trend of Croatians making locks that lock with a key from the inside as well as the outside, so without a key, I was locked in. Thank goodness for people sleeping in the lobby or else I would've been stuck the next morning!

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On the boat outside the city walls
On the boat outside the city walls
View from my random perch on the h…
View from my random perch on the …
The boys...
The boys...
photo by: EmEm