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The plane ride from Berlin to Bangkok went without a hitch, the airport as clean and as peaceful as you could hope for anywhere you land. I'd been a bit worried with all the political conflict going on over there, especially since last time this happened, my mom's best friend was in the airport and had to literally run from the red shirts for her life. Five hours later I was on yet another flight to Phnom Penh, this one much shorter which ws nice. My excitement grew as we neared landing, but I had no idea how the experience of getting to the touristy area would be.

I ended up meeting an Australian couple and they let me share a tuk-tuk with them, which I was incredibly grateful for on the way, as it ended up being about a 20 minute ride and had I been by myself I would have worried that I was somehow being taken in the wrong direction-sadly Bucarest gave me a distrust of most taxi drivers.

Although I said I was cool with getting my own room, they were fine with splitting one with me. I had my own big bed and the fabulous luxury of air conditioning. I really can't believe how ridiculously hot and humid it is here. You take a shower, walk outside, and 45 seconds later you're sweating out every ounce of liquid you drank that day.

We found a nice place to eat, where John got in a tif with a middle aged guy over giving money to street children....he had a good point but the guy was heated over him putting in his two cents and calling him out. I wanted to go out on the town, but was incredibly tired since I had trouble sleeping on my red-eye from Berlin, so I crashed while Mae was increasingly upset that Ben hadn't yet come home from wherever he'd decided to go for a bit, even more upset as she wanted to go out but didn't feel safe being out there alone. In no time at least I was out like a light.

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Christine, you should change the location of this entry and associated photos to Phnom Penh. The pnom pnhem doesn't exist and maybe another TravBuddy created that name by mistake. Friendly FYI :)
Posted on: Jan 24, 2017
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