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I almost cried today. Seriously. For the first time since I arrived in Europe 2 weeks ago, I had something nearly take my breath away, and I shook my head at the emotional impact it was having on me. I caught an earlier train from Nice to Genova, which first was to stop in Vintimiglia, where I barely made the transfer on time, and was crammed like cattle into the middle of the nearest TrenItalia coach.

Then the train got to the coast. To Monaco and Monte Carlo to be exact, and suddenly my eyes were glued to the window, taking in with utter awe the Mediteranean Sea, palm trees, and yachts of all sizes dotting the deep blue-green water that was softly lapping the rocky shores lined with houses of all shapes and colors. Everyone around me looked bored. 'Don't you understand how absolutely gorgeous this is? Look out the window; don't take it for granted,' I wanted to say to the French and Italian locals standing around me.

On the train through Monaco...took my breath away
I settled for half-motioning, half-asking the guy who was right in front of the window if I could switch places with him, so at least one of us could enjoy the view.

At the first stop, the train nearly emptied so I finally had a seat. One of the few men still on board had a slight look of bemusement on his face as he watched me scanning the horizon with the biggest smile ever on my face. 'I wish I could bottle this feeling, this joy that's bubbling up from inside so I can't contain it anymore,' I think to myself as the train continues along the French, then Italian coast for several more hours. I can't imagine what it would be like to be able to live in a place like this. At this point I'm completely convinced that if I don't get to do anything else today, this train ride was enough for me.

More Genova on the way to La Spezia-changing trains three times in a day is a pain, but you get to see more cities, if even for an hour :)

Soon I was in Genova, and had a good hour to walk around the city before I had to catch my final train of the day to La Spezia. As I walked around, I decided that if there's one place I could spend months in, it's Italy. The language flowed from the lips of locals like honey and I was mesmerized once again by the beauty that is this country. The feeling continued as I made my way to La Spezia, which is going to be my starting point for walking the famed Cinque Terre tomorrow. I treated myself to chocolate and banana gelato as I walked the streets and snapped photos, making my way to the castle and then the historical part of town.

I'd already accepted the fact that for the next two nights I probably wouldn't be doing much socializing, as I'm in an actual hotel with my own room.

The never-drying laundry. Tip: laundry doesn't dry when it's cold out!
Looking around and hearing nothing but Italian, I began to wonder if I was the only tourist in town today. I know that's silly and that of course there are others, but it sure didn't seem that way. After playing (and losing) a quick game of let's spot someone else who's not a local, I realized that I had seen all of the city that I wanted to, and stuck to window shopping, which is pretty good out here, before heading back to my hotel.

Tonight was my first attempt at washing laundry in the sink, which I ended up hanging on the security cord that was intended for making sure my bag wasn't stolen from train racks (which I haven't actually used for the purpose yet). It's working like a charm, hung between my window latch and the towel rack. Fingers crossed that it's all dry by the morning!

sylviandavid says:
The beauty of it all!!!
Posted on: Mar 25, 2010
hancock826 says:
I know the exact feeling you describe. I felt the same way when I was there. Have Fun!!
Posted on: Mar 25, 2010
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On the train through Monaco...took…
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More Genova on the way to La Spezi…
More Genova on the way to La Spez…
The never-drying laundry. 

The never-drying laundry. Tip…
Outside a library in Genova
Outside a library in Genova
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This is why I take the train inst…
La Spezia
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