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So serene...I wanted to take one out

3/25/10 (Lucern, Switzerland)

I definitely thought that today was Friday the 26th, so I booked a hostel in Lucern for that date. It's the 25th. As the kind lady at my hotel couldn't figure out the passcode for their internet, which I thought was a bit strange, I was off to find an internet cafe to book a hostel in Milan tonight. After seeing how expensive Milan was though, I decided to just race all the way up to Lucerne today, two of my shirts tied to the top of my pack as they still weren't dry, 2 days after I washed them. I'm beginning to rethink washing clothes in sinks unless completely necessary.

I had a quick stopover in Milan, which has a fairly impressive train station, with lots of sculptures and art.

The beauty that is the Swiss Alps-can't believe I'm here!
(To add to the 'art' there were also several large ads with the gorgeous Christiano Rinaldo all over the walls). For the first time on this trip, my train ticket confused me, which I found odd since I'd been fine everywhere else in Italy. A nice guy from Ghana, who also spoke no Italian, helped me out though. It's crazy how willing people are to help a stranger out, and it gives me a warm feeling every time.

Once on the train I had an old Italian lady and a younger guy sit in my little bin. Everyone I encountered on the train looked at me and went 'Milano?' I wasn't sure if they wanted to make sure that they were on the right train, or if they were interested in where I was going...Anyway, somehow this lead to the guy's interest in where I'd been, so I started showing him my postcard selection so far, which lead to him pulling out his computer.

Before I knew it, he was explaining all of his travel photos to me in Italian, every once in a while throwing in English words and hand motions, having the lady aid him in explaining. I'm not sure what exactly gave him the urge to attempt this full on conversation, but it made me smile, this was the first time on this trip I'd had someone try to cross language barriers to make friendly conversation with me, not just give me directions. It was very refreshing!

Finding my hostel, the Twins Minback B&B, was fairly easy when I got there after dark, and there were no other guests, so my mistake in booking the wrong night was no problem, thank goodness! Praying for clear skies tomorrow :)

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So serene...I wanted to take one o…
So serene...I wanted to take one …
The beauty that is the Swiss Alps-…
The beauty that is the Swiss Alps…
Famous bridge-people were once tor…
Famous bridge-people were once to…
photo by: Chokk