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A light drizzle woke me up this morning in Vienna, which dappened my desire to set out and explore a bit. After just about an hour of exploring, I headed to the train station to set off for Budapest. There didn't seem to be anywhere to sit, so I ended up sitting on the floor in a corner with my food until a guy said something to me in Austrian that I can only imagine meant that I wasn't allowed to do that. Whoops.

Heading outside into the cold, I spotted a couple that looked like they might speak English, and camped out next to them. All of a sudden I noticed little mesh bags with towels rolled up inside attached to their bags, and started cracking up laughing. 'So that's what those little bags they sell you with your travel towel are for!' I comment to one of them, which of course starts a conversation. I had been tying my towel to the top of my pack in the mornings when it was wet, and using that little mesh bag for my shampoo and such, and felt a bit silly for not having realized what they were actually for-I think I'll stick with how I've been using it though!

The couple was really nice; traveling for 6 months from Australia through Europe, planning to stop in England for a bit to work and save up money. We soon parted ways and before I knew it, I was in Budapest, a city I've always heard was amazing but never thought I'd actually every get to, and my first impressions were great. Now, I love diamonds-they're sparkly, refined, clean, decadent-just absolutely gorgeous. But Budapest? Far from sparkly and refined, but a beautiful gem in it's own right. There's just something about an old-world charm that catches me off guard and puts me in a good place.

Walking up to my hostel, the Backpacker's Guesthouse, I couldn't help but smile. 'This is going to be a good night, a great couple of days,' I think to myself as I enter the brightly colored house. Every room is painted a beautiful mural with a theme, mine being the jungle room. The kitchen is covered with photos of the owner and his friends' travels around the world, with about half of them being a bit, um, interesting with people standing naked on the edge of a cliff, or a couple making out in a hot tub, or a guy getting a crazy tattoo. There were two fridges stacked on top of each other-the one on the bottom having a sign indicating 'for vertically challenged people only-do not use if you are over 5'8",' and the top one saying something equally entertaining. The bathroom near the reception was covered in shots of toilets from around the world, from holes in the ground with a plastic chair with the middle cut out over it, to a men's urinal with murals of ladies looking down at them while they did their business, making funny faces. This has got to be the coolest hostel ever!

It wasn't long before I met a guy from Seattle and we ventured over to the Tesco to get some beer and noodles; it was nice to meet someone else who was traveling alone. Excited to have made a friend, the kitchen started filling up with people, mainly Aussies who were teaching English in Poland, along with three Mexicans (the first Mexicans I've run into in a month!), who were doing chemical engineering internships in Germany and just taking a short holiday. After drinking a few beers and smoking hookah (or sheesha as they call it here), we all headed out to find this club/lounge that had been recommended. And when I say all I mean there was at least 30 of us rolling out together. Very proud of himself for being 'chivalrous,' the one Canadian of the bunch let me borrow his jacket, which made my night. Not only did it keep me warm, but since it was his only jacket, he made sure he didn't lose me (aka his jacket), which gave me a peace of mind that I wouldn't get stranded in the middle of the night, in the middle of Budapest, which would suck to say the least.

The club, despite it's lack of a dancefloor, ended up being really cool. An old rundown apartment complex, the entire thing had been transformed into a giant lounge or whatever it was, and was crazy with eccentric furniture and crazy colored walls with words and pictures etched into it everywhere, almost giving it a mental, scary sort of look. We all got back safe and sound, and I was incredibly happy to crash about 3 in the morning, excited for a full day tomorrow.

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photo by: Chokk