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Being measured at Nu Ni for my custom clothes

After a nice day of relaxing and having a beer at the Luisianne Brewery on the beach, we took a few photos and headed to our "luxury" night bus, which consisted of a huge bus lined with slim bunk beds that are slightly raised at a 45 degree angle, to allow the persons legs and feet behind you to rest snugly beneath your head-talk about space efficiency! Sometimes there were three beds all next to each other on the top, which had Craig essentially sleeping with two other guys, whom he got on with well, which was a good thing, considering they'd be two inches away from each other for the next 12 hours. An herbal sleeping pill put me to sleep fairly well, though I woke up at least a dozen times in the night, the backs of my legs in pretty bad pain from the lovely sunburned I acquired from snorkeling the day before.

Just doing what they do every day..

We arrived this morning in Hoi An and wandered down the street Lonely Planet suggested to find a good bed, and ended up finding the hotel recommended to us by other travelers we'd met in Nha Trang. This place is seriously craft central-it's got an eerie Disney;and-like feel where the whole city seems almost built for the sole purpose of tourists souvineer-buying demands. While we never made use of the pool at our hotel, even though it was absolutely sweltering outside, we did make good use of the tailor called Nu Ni, which had been recommended to us by the guy who checked us into our room. I had a nice black jacket and pair of dark jeans made there, trying my very hardest to convince myself that I didn't have the money to buy more than this, though every shop we passed had me wanting to order more.

Riverside on the quieter side of town where we stopped and had a soda
' I will need new clothes for school in the Fall,' the give-into-temptations side of me pressed. In the end, I did have two light and breezy ruffled skirts made for me at another tailors shop, promising to be back at 4 and 5 PM, respectively, to check if what they were sewing for us needed any alterations.

Walking around the city we were overwhelmed with the number of 'cloth shops,' lining the streets, as well as stalls selling handmade silk and other handicrafts. We quickly found why exactly Hoi An is known for all this, and appreciated the beauty, while trying to not spend too much. Besides checking on our clothes, we spent most of the day walking around the markets and playing pool with a few pints at a small restaurant. Tired from little sleep on the bus last night, I fell into a good sleep, hoping to be nice and rested in the morning, anxious to see if the sisters at Nu Ni had fixed the pockets on my jeans to be more flattering. Off to Hanoi tomorrow!

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Being measured at Nu Ni for my cus…
Being measured at Nu Ni for my cu…
Just doing what they do every day..
Just doing what they do every day..
Riverside on the quieter side of t…
Riverside on the quieter side of …
Always busy selling
Always busy selling
Some parts of town look rather Fre…
Some parts of town look rather Fr…
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