Celebrating National Black Forest Cake Day (You Would've Too!)

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Quiet before the storm.

Preface: Happy National Black Forest Cake Day! (I'll explain in a second)

Crap. Still haven't heard from the guy I'm supposed to be staying with in Zurich tonight! Checking my email this morning every 5 minutes didn't help the fact that I wasn't hearing anything from Cornel, the couchsurfer who said I could crash at his place tonight. 'Maybe this whole couchsurfing thing isn't for me after all,' I think to myself as I settle down in the lounge area of the Lazy Falcon and look up hostels in Zurich. Just my luck, and tonight's all booked up for everywhere under $100. No problem, I'll just head to Basel. Same problem. Bern? All booked again. What the heck! I try one more city, then turn to Stephen, my new friend from England who's out here on business.

'Guess I'm staying here for one more night.' He seemed to be happy about the idea of me staying, and I was glad that I'd have someone I'd really hit it off with to spend the day with.

The thing about Interlaken, is that during the winter, if it's raining, there's not a whole lot to do except ski. It was raining. Determined to make this a good day, Stephen and I decided to look up national holidays to have an excuse to celebrate something. The best we could find was National Black Forest Cake Day, so rather amused and on a mission, we set off in the drizzle to find some of this cake, as well as some beer to pass the day. The cake was nowhere to be found, but beer was rather easy, so after a nice lunch along the river (the rain stopped for a bit), we headed back to the kitchen to play card games and watch a terrible, yet oddly captivating, BBC hospital drama.

With more beer still to be drunk, we headed up to the room and watched Anchor Man, which is by far one of the best comedies of all times. Then was Garden State. Then The Red Dragon. Garden State. Again. Laughing and talking about anything and everything, Stephen and I became good friends. I can't stop smiling and thinking to myself that life doesn't get much better that this. I love the whole seeing cool sights part of traveling, but some of my best memories are with random people I meet along the way. New friends. From some of them I learn about culture, history, language, etc. of other countries, and others I just plain enjoy. Some I may keep in touch with, while others may be that sort of 'single serving friends,' as my English teacher in hish school described; the kind you enjoy for a few hours, then never talk to again.

Both make me smile.

Today I did nothing of great consequence, but one thing's for sure: I'll never forget the day in Interlaken I did absolutely nothing to write home about, but loved every second of it.

lauro says:
i was here a month ago! beautiful landscape around!
Posted on: Jul 28, 2012
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Quiet before the storm.
Quiet before the storm.
photo by: sherryshakarob