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Determined to make it out to see the beautiful scenes from Thiros I'd had decorating my college apartment, I finally made it out of my room at noon, despite my throat feeling like it was on fire. I hadn't realized it when we got here in the middle of the night, but we are in the middle of nowhere on this side of the island. I thought of renting an ATV but figured that with my sense of direction, I'd somehow find a way to never find where I was going, which didn't sound like fun when I was under the weather. I was to learn later that every summer on this island alone, there are an average of 10,000 scooter accidents from tourists renting them and not knowing how to handle them properly. The island is building an entire new hospital due to the influx of patients every summer.

After sitting at the bus stop for about an hour, frustrated none were coming, I resorted to hailing a cab and asking how much it would be. 15 Euro!? Definitely not. It was this desperate act of hailing a cab that led to what happened next. 'Do you speak English?' a young guy with an American accent pulled up next to me in an ATV asked. Yup! Ah, my knight in shining armor saved me from a day of sitting at this stop all day. He explained that buses rarely ever come, and asked me where I wanted to go; I told him anywhere interesting was fine with me-my internet hadn't been working so I wasn't sure where to go. 'You want pictures?' he asks. Exactly.

Soon Tyler (the guy's name) and I were off. We visited the 'lunar landscape' by the fisherman's port, the Red Beach, and finally Thiros. His story was fascinating-four years ago he'd gotten interested in ancient cultures, and the blond-haired, blue-eyed 'gods' that a certain ancient people had worshiped, who were apparently mere humans. He was in search of who these people really were, and spends 4 months a year traveling around Mexico and South America in search of answers and writing a book. He thinks he's finally found the answer here in Greece, and has been here for several weeks.

Less than two weeks ago, his mother died, and because of the massive volcano that erupted in Iceland, he was unable to make it home for her funeral. I felt bad for the guy, and wanted to give him a big hug, but I think just being able to talk about it was good for him. Thiros was beautiful, but I was starting to feel like I was going to pass out. I didn't, but I did end up being sick over a railing on the steps leading up to some of the beautiful houses. I must have the flu. Lame. Tyler was an absolute sweetheart, helping me out and driving to several stores to try to find me something from a pharmacy or market. Apparently pharmacies are the only ones allowed to sell even mild pain killers, and those don't open til 5 PM for some reason. Odd. That being said, Tyler stopped by his place and gave me some of his Motrin before dropping me off, and I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to get some sleep.

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photo by: wanderingluster