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Reason #23 for taking the train instead of flying: how can you beat this view?!

Looking out my train window this morning I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. I'd never actually done that before, but I thought I'd give it a try. Yup, I'm definitely not dreaming. I keep my gaze out the window in fear that if I look away for a second, it will all somehow dissapear. The water in the stream to my right is a beautiful coral color, so clean and clear you can see right through to the rocks and pebbles that have had the privelage of living in Switzerland for longer than I can even imagine.

The beauty and majesty of the Swiss Alps is absolutely unreal as the radiant sun lights up the peaks and casts shadows across the mountains. I pass glassy lakes that must be saturated with some sort of mineral from the mountains because they're the color of your toothpaste, but perfect for making stunning reflections of the vibrant green hills and rocky mountains towering above the peaceful scenery.

What a backdrop for a church!
Wooden and stone houses dot the hills, gentle in contrast to the imposing, rugged rocks. Ascending higher up into the mountains I start to get that excited feeling I get at Disneyland. The one you get when you board the Matterhorn and are chugging around curves, knowing that in just a few seconds, your hands will be thrown high in the air as you scream and drop several stories all at once.

The only people speeding down a mountain today though, are the ones carrying skis and getting off at stops with crazy German names such as Brunig-Hasliberg. 'I probably shouldn't put my hands up in the air and scream,' I think to myself; might draw some unwanted attention. Besides, while being here may not feel real, it's way better that the Matterhorn at a theme park.

Arriving in Interlaken around 2, I found my hostel (which seemed totally deserted) and was all of a sudden set on paragliding since there was good weather.

Amazing! What I was about to do until the clouds roled in and ruined my plan (it's all good though)
After seeing the price though, I quickly reminded myself of all the money I spent on gifts yesterday, and tried to convince myself that I would end up getting bored after the first 5 minutes and it wouldn't be worth it. I knew that this was a huge lie, but I promised myself that if I didn't do this, I would do more diving when I get to Asia...we'll see. Walking around was beautiful and the town is really cute. Soon though I'd seen just about all I wanted to, and started walking along the river to the lake. I found a pretty deserted pier and popped a squat, content to just be out in nature. I could've stayed out there for hours, but it started to rain, so I headed in.

The next few hours were spent wandering aimlessly around town, sticking my head in the hostel every so often to see if there was anyone cool I could hang out with.

Every hour or so I checked online to see if Cornell, the guy I'm supposed to stay with in Zurich, had emailed me information about when/where to meet him. Finally I resorted to dinner in the kitchen, where I met my dorm-mates, who are all from Malaysia. They ended up inviting me to get fondue with them, which was fantastic because they spent the meal explaining Malaysia's history/culture to me, and where I should go when I get over there. Right now I'm hanging out in the kitchen with a guy from Canada (Kevin) and one from England (Stephen). Cheers to new mates!

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Reason #23 for taking the train in…
Reason #23 for taking the train i…
What a backdrop for a church!
What a backdrop for a church!
Amazing! What I was about to do un…
Amazing! What I was about to do u…
A river flowing to the lake-about …
A river flowing to the lake-about…
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