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Crystal clear waters dotted with loads of boats

Several hugs and goodbyes later, I left the guys' bungalow this morning after stopping by to repay Steve for the money he'd lent me yesterday when the cash machine was empty. I'd gotten a bit sidetracked with breakfast that had taken ages for my guesthouse to make and had to rush back and forth across the island to make it to the ATM and back in time before my new Aussie friends left to head back to Lombock, which got me there nearly 30 minutes after I'd said I'd be, which made me feel bad as I'm usually on time and I got a 'Hey! Thought you wouldn't show up!' from Steve, followed by a smile. The night before he'd told me not to worry about paying him back, but I'm pretty sure that was the rum talking, and I'd never leave without making things right anyway.

The friendly man who makes me my breakfast and greets me with a smile whenever I come by
With that settled I was off to find a dive shop.

I'd had Blue Marlin recommended to me by a guy at Tulamben Wreck Divers so I stopped by and signed up for both the afternoon and night dives. While waiting for two to roll around I took a walk down one side of the island with lofty goals to make it all the way around, which would've taken about two hours. Soon after starting my walk though, I found that I was on a pretty deserted part of the island and couldn't help but venture off the path and onto soft sand being lapped quietly by turquoise waters. The ocean here is crystal clear, making the sea various colors of precious gems; absolutely gorgeous. I laid out my orange and black gecko-inspired sarong and took a nap, collecting some shells before heading back.

Locals doing...local things?

The dive turned out to be wonderful, starting out near some nice coral, then ending up over an old shipwreck. While the wreck itself was crystal vs diamonds when it came to comparing it to the USS Liberty I dove just a few days ago, the coral and fish were stunning, with several larger pufferfish and others. My dive buddy was somehow down to 40 bar at only around twenty-five minutes, so after sending up the orange Diver Below inflatable thing, my divemaster and I continued drifting with the current for nearly another twenty-five minutes. I know it sounds silly, but you feel almost good about yourself when you can control your breathing and have a good air consumption rate. I came up all smiles from the dive, ready to do another.

In a lazy mood afterwards, I decided to lay down for just about thirty minutes before finding some dinner prior to my night dive.

I didn't really mean to fall asleep, but I woke with a start and went to find out what time it was. Five minutes to six?! Aaahhhh...gotta run! In fear of missing my night dive I made a run for the shop, only to realize half way there that I'd forgotten to put on my suit, which had me sprinting back to some puzzled looks of Indonesians complacently sitting by the side of the road. I caught the only form of transportation on the island-a horse drawn tuk-tuk if you'll call it that, and made it just in time for...'You're here for the night dive? There is no night dive today.'

Shit. Then to my rescue came in the form of a voice arguing to the contrary. Sweet. Our guide for the night, Casper, came from out of nowhere and introduced himself, then another random guy who claimed to have logged at least thirty night dives and an Italian guy working on his DiveMaster's showed up and we all suited up before heading out on the boat.

Very strange instrument but cool to listen to
Once underwater I remembered just how much I enjoy night dives-they're somehow calming, contrary to the scary panic that many people imagine when they think of being 20 meters underwater in darkness.

While cleaning our equipment after a pretty good dive, I asked the Italian guy, Jeff, if he knew any good places to eat on the island, to which he responded with an offer for some company. After stopping by his place where he changed and gave me a few of his old dive magazines, I ran back to mine real quick to change as well, and in my haste I ended up accidentally kicking my bedpost. Hard. That's definitely going to hurt in the morning. We ended up at a cozy little place called the Living Room where we chatted and got to know each other a bit better, then headed down to the beach where we split a bottle of wine and listened to the waves while lounging on cushioned lounge chairs. The restaurant closed surprisingly early so we took half of our bottle with us, along with two plastic cups for a walk along the beach. A good bottle of wine down, we headed to this Reggae bar, where we enjoyed the rest of the night. Oh how I love island life!

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Crystal clear waters dotted with l…
Crystal clear waters dotted with …
The friendly man who makes me my b…
The friendly man who makes me my …
Locals doing...local things?
Locals doing...local things?
Very strange instrument but cool t…
Very strange instrument but cool …
Love it :)
Love it :)
No motors on the island-everything…
No motors on the island-everythin…