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This morning I got up around 9 and got ready to head out to meet my old roommate Ashley, and her husband Charlie-haven't seen them since the wedding in October, and it feels so strange meeting up with them in London again after two years. We'd agreed to meet up at 1:30 in front of the Imperial War Museum, but thanks to the bus diversion and traffic, it took me nearly two hours to get there, and I absolutely hate being late anywhere. Turns out they were in the same boat though and got there at the same time.

I've been to loads of Holocaust museums and exhibits, but every time I go to this one it really gets to me. Seeing footage, artifacts, photos, and statistics of the horrible tragedy just makes me question humanity-it's crazy how people are ultimately so much alike, but how social constructs and self-serving greed can cause humanity to turn on itself. Charlie had worked in Poland for a month last year, and gave me all sorts of pointers on traveling over there, and pointed out that Auswich is an absolute must see, even though it is so sickening.

Another thing that really interested me was that he said lots of people over there are stuck in the 80's. Now don't get me wrong; I think the eighties were a fantastic time, but I'm in the mind that nothing but the music should have transgressed over the decades from a time period when flares, perms, and shoulder pads were all the rage. (Is that just me?)

On the way to the Gloucester Arms to watch the Six Nations England v Scotland game, my stomach started talking to me, and in my ultimate knowledge and wisdom of eating street food, I bought myself a hotdog from 'Mr. Whippies.' While that name alone should have scared me out of this bad decision, I bought one anyway and forced myself to swallow the only bite I took of the beast. It literally dissolved in my mouth. Not okay.

I made up for this with a sandwich at Tesco's, and ate it happily as we took the long way through Kensington to the pub, passing Ashburn Gardens, the short-let flats I was lucky enough to call home for four sweet months. The memories came flowing back and I couldn't help but smile, fighting off a keen desire for those days to be here again. I didn't quite snap out of this state until after I left my friends after a few delicious pints of Leffe (great beer by the way) and a dissapointing draw between England and Scotland.

The way back to Roehampton called for a stop at the corner store to pick up two essential items: a postcard (as my travel 'journal' besides this blog will consist of postcards I write on from everywhere I go), and a stuffed bear. After debating with myself over what the little guy's name should be, I finally settled on Lewis. And thus begins the adventures of Lewis and Clark, er...Lewis and Christine!

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photo by: ulysses