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My cousin and  I left London from Paddington Station by train, and headed to Oxford.  We left at 9:20am, and arrived in Oxford an hour later.  It was a beautiful day, so we went on a guided walking tour.  It was between that and a biking tour, as bikes seem to be the transportation of choice for most people (seeing as there are 15,000 students living there).  Our tour took us around the city, looking at most of the 39 different colleges that make up Oxford University.  It's quite a sight.  We also got to go into several of the colleges (Exeter College and Christchurch College). 

I was most excited about going into Christchurch College, being a fan of Harry Potter movies, and all.

A private garden in a college courtyard
  For those that don't know, Christchurch College was used in some of the scenes, and as inspiration for other parts.  You can recognize the areas used, and although they don't all look exactly as they did in the movie, you are able to see the resemblance.

Once done the tour, we explored the city on our own.  We visited Alice's Shop, which was the sweet shop that Alice (the real girl that Alice from 'Alice In Wonderland' is based on) visited as a girl.  It is now a souvenir shop with all kinds of 'Alice In Wonderland' gifts.  After eating lunch, we took a walk along the river, which is the beginning of the Thames.

Oxford is a beautiful little town, and I would love to go to University there.  Maybe when I decide to get my Master's degree, this is where I'll do it.

We took the train back to London at the end of the day, which took a little longer this time, but the ride was still good.  We had a great day.

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Views around Oxford
Views around Oxford
A private garden in a college cour…
A private garden in a college cou…
The beginning of the Thames River
The beginning of the Thames River
Christchurch College
Christchurch College
Christchurch College courtyard and…
Christchurch College courtyard an…
Christchurch College dining room. …
Christchurch College dining room.…
A college walkway based on the Bri…
A college walkway based on the Br…
Alices Shop
Alice's Shop
Alices Shop billboard
Alice's Shop billboard
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