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Aggressive Behavior in Chile


            The people here are more aggressive than the people back in Buenos Aires. At first I thought it was just the area we were staying in, but as we traveled throughout the city, I’ve noticed this persistence everywhere. In some cases it’s works out in our favor but in other cases it pretty annoying.

            The first day we got here, we were walking around looking for a place to eat. I asked some guy where some good restaurants are, and he told me where they were and was willing to walk our group there. This seemed kinda strange that he wanted to give up his time to walk us to the restaurant, but I recently learned that the reason he wanted to take us there was because he would have gotten paid by the restaurant for bringing us there… sorta like an informal commission. As we walk up to the strip of restaurants, employees from each of the restaurants run up to us with their menus telling us to come to their spot. It was a bit overwhelming at first. They were way too aggressive and made some people in our group uncomfortable. I personally didn’t mind this as it shows competition between the restaurants and they also offer something ‘gratis’ like a drink or some dessert if you come to their restaurant. I thought it was funny because right when we got in there after hooking us up with our first free drink, they turned on this strobe light called ‘La Bomba’ in our room, and began playing all American music from the 1980’s-present including Seal - Kiss from a Rose and my personal favorite, ‘Like a Virgin’ by Madonna. I think the CD was called ‘The Best Gringo Hits’.

            Another example of this aggressiveness was when I asked the guy at the front desk at our hotel for some good spots to head out at night. He immediately left the front desk and walked me down the street to his friends Taxi/Restaurant service. I talked to his friend for about 5 minutes and told him I might come by the next day. The next morning, on our free day, I was awoken at 9:00am by the phone ringing. It was this same guy I had talked to with the services. Apparently he figured out my room number by the guy who works at the front desk. I told him I would call him later.. We probably got 5-6 more calls that day, and even our neighbors got some calls from this guy. We unplugged our phone. I understand that at the end of the day, everyone is trying to make an extra dollar or two, but I think these Chilean cats need to learn how to find that median ground so that they don’t get annoying and overwhelming to their patrons.


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photo by: Bluetraveler