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    As I sit in the Starbucks, happily using the speedy wireless internet, I start to see many comparisons between the Latin American city, Santiago, and the North American city of Birmingham, Alabama.  While yes, there are obvious differences, the workings of each city are crazily similar.  First, the roads in Santiago work very well, and while the locals claim that traffic is bad, after being in Atlanta...the traffic is not bad at all.  Much like Santiago, Birmingham also maintains its roads and often has little or no traffic.  Also, the social divisions in the cities are very obvious.  Both have the extremely rich and the extremely poor.  I even feel that when I drive into Santiago and when I drive into Birmingham, I witness the same kind of class divisions between neighborhoods.  Granted, the poverty level is less in Birmingham, it is still apparent.  Furthmore, the general public of the two cities, are both very conservative and very friendly.  I have yet to meet one person who has been unfriendly or unhelpful in either city.    Even the levels of safety of the two cities compare--both being great places for families to live and work.  I feel fully comfortable walking the streets at night by myself here and in Birmingham.  Both cities even have a mountain that contains a statue that overlooks the city!  Birmingham's being a greek god that the city was named after and Santiago's being a catholic saint.  The night life is similar too, being that on the weekdays, not much is going on.  I obtain more of a feeling of the influence of the United States in Santiago, much more so than Buenos Aires...thus helping me to piece the similarities of the cities together! 

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This journal entry is a draft and has not been published yet. Please check back later!
This journal entry is a draft and has not been published yet. Please check back later!
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