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This coming back trip from home to Louisiana was by far the longest and probably most memorable one. I had never taken so long to get back to Ruston that I was almost in tears when I saw the Louisiana Tech sign in the highway (laughs). The journey started in my hometown Delicias on Monday 4th at 12 AM. My brother and two nieces took me to the Omnibus station to take a bus to Ciudad Juárez. Many of you should know that Juarez’s reputation is not the best, since it is one of the most violent cities in the world. Just in the past year there were 3,500 killings in my home state of Chihuahua and most of those were commited in Juárez. I’ve heard of killings in burger carts, malls and even in Applebea’s. I wasn’t precisely pleased of going there, but I wasn’t going to get out of the bus station while being there anyway.


So, I said goodbye to my family on that very cold night and I sat on the bus. I had taken a blanket because sometimes they don’t have (or don’t use) heating so you would freeze in such a cold night. Sometimes they also play loud music, so I hoped and prayed this was not the case since I had forgotten my ear plugs. The music wasn’t loud, thank God. They always play classic latin hits from the 80s, so for some reason everytime I hear a song from that era I remember Juarez.


The ride was comfortable and I could sleep and even dream. My dream wasn’t pleasant though. I dreamed my nieces were travelling with me and that we had to escape from a shooting in which the army was involved. I guess I was a bit freaked out of going to Juarez lol.


When the bus arrived, I woke up and it was still a very cold morning, probably in the 20s (F). Due to all the trouble that the city is going through, security was increased at the bus station and army officials were opening EVERY bag from the passengers, so you can imagine there was a long line waiting for revision. Fortunately it wasn’t so slow and I could come across easily. (I had put some of my dirty laundry on top to discourage officials to check deeper lol).


When I got inside the bus terminal, I wasn’t sure of what to do. I could take another bus to El Paso and then take a taxi to the airport, but sometimes it’s not easy to find taxis in that area and I didn’t want to be walking with all my bags in El Paso downtown. Also, I had to get a stamp on my documents since I am a student, and I wasn’t sure if the bus would wait for me to go through immigration. So, I decided to take a taxi all the way to El Paso’s airport. I asked the driver for the price and he said it would be 60 dlls. I didn’t think it was that bad considering he would wait for me to get out of immigration. I feared that the line to come across would be very long but it wasn’t the case fortunately. I got my stamp fairly quick and then we headed to the airport. The driver had been very nice and he told me all sorts of illegally crossing the border stories. The funniest one was that he said there were some people renting an inflatable tire for $1 to come across the Rio Grande. Then they would cross through a hole in the fence that only the “polleros” knew where it was. But he said that this way to come across is not feasible now due to increased security. I remember seeing how easy it was to come across to the USA illegally in El Paso. I once saw a family do that while driving on Sunland Park Boulevard.


Anyway, I got to the airport at 9:30 AM but my flight was at 4 PM. Continental personnel offered to change it to an earlier flight, but my friend picking me up in Houston couldn’t go earlier, so I decided to wait. Fortunately there was free internet in the airport because of the holidays so I could spend my time chatting and TB and FB socializing. I went for lunch to a mexican restaurant that was great. Then the time came to take my flight and it was delayed for an hour. I couldn’t let my friend know about the delay unfortunately. I didn’t notice anything different when going through security though. I had feared it would take longer to come across with increased revisions after the bomb threat in that flight to Detroit. I met a very nice guy from Monterrey in the plane. When I got to Houston I called my friend and he was there just turning around with his car. We went then to College Station and had dinner at Denny’s. At the end of the day I was exhausted, but I still logged to the internet a bit. I found out that Lhasa de Sela, my favorite singer ever had passed away!!! She was only 37!!! I was so sad and shocked! If you like quiet music, I sincerely recommend her music to you! Her voice is priceless!! I am sure she made a great addition to God’s choir in heaven now. Rest in Peace Lhasa! We love you!!

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Posted on: Jan 07, 2010
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