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Great dinner at Cappetto's!

The day before was long, but I had lots of sleep so I felt good and renewed for my trip to El Paso. Me and my buddy had breakfast at an IHOP, but my pancake choice was not the best. It was a pecan pancake, but the pecany syrup ruined it for me. Never had anything so sweet!

We drove towards Houston’s George Bush Airport using a toll road, and we barely completed the 1.50 fee with loose change. My flight experience was not the best. I checked in at the wrong terminal (thought it would be C but it was B) and then my flight was changing randomly from gate to gate. The last time I kept on staring at the screen fearing it would change again. After a 45 minute delay I arrived at El Paso’s airport.

After getting my bag, I realized my sister was still not there to pick me up! We had communication problems since my cell phone can’t make calls to Mexico and neither hers can call the USA.

With my sister at the Cielovista Mall
I thought that the line to come across the Juarez-El Paso border must have been very long. I couldn’t do anything but wait. Two hours went by, but fortunately Google made a deal with Hotspot and internet is free in every airport across the country! Thank you Google! That made my wait a little more bearable.

Then I had a phone call, it was my sister saying she was just getting to the airport. We couldn’t talk much since the call was interrupted and she couldn’t call again. It was some sort of divine intervention that the call went through! At least now I knew they were there somewhere. I went outside the airport looking for them and I found them a few minutes later. I was so happy that I even forgot the wait! And yes, the long lines of paisanos wanting to make their Christmas shopping at El Paso were responsible for the delay!

We were starving so we just went to the hotel dropping the bags and went for lunch to a great Italian restaurant. Then we went doing a little shopping to the Cielovista mall. It was a great evening after a stressing morning. We came back to the hotel and watched some Mexican TV shows. It is great to be (or at least to feel) back home!

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Great dinner at Cappettos!
Great dinner at Cappetto's!
With my sister at the Cielovista M…
With my sister at the Cielovista …
My nieces at the Cielovista Mall
My nieces at the Cielovista Mall
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