Stopping for an empanada (pastry) in the way back home, actually it wasn't just 1 empanada :P

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they look so cute and taste delicious!!!
The drive back to Surco - where I live - from the airport would take a loooong time, so the idea of having a snack (specially because we didn't have lunch) sounded great. I have told Shawn about a place where they sell "salteƱas" (Bolivian empanadas) and he'd like to try them. Bus left us right in front of the shopping area, sweet!

Next door there was another shop just about empanadas, mmm. It was new to me and captured my attention. We went inside and I checked the menu, furthermore the empanadas didn't have the traditional shape but looked super cool and tasty! Ok, let's go next door, so Shawn would get his Bolivian empanada, but I wanted to try one of these new ones, yay!

The lady who was behind the counter was the owner.
Finally you are back! Take me for a walk...
She was sort of fascinated with my fascination for the empanadas, hahaha. I took some picutures, but didn't take more because she told me she'd prefer me not to take so many. She was afraid the competitors would copy her products. I understood it completely. She gave me her email and I promised her to send her a mail once I was ready with the review, pffff. I warned her it'd take a long time. Hopefully she stills remember the crazy girl with the pink camera...

Empanadas were so good!!! I was thinking about having one, but it was so difficult to choose just one. So good I was with Shawn, so each of us got 2, which meant 4 empanadas to try, yay! They were delicious, warm and with a good amount of stuffing. It was really worth it to stop here.

Ok, it was time to leave. Should we take a bus? No... we were lazy and took a cab, hahaha. It wasn't that expensive since we were already 1/2 way from my house, hahaha. Who was waiting there for me? Gunther!!!! Sorry, I didn't bring anything with me this time... As usual, nobody took him for a walk while I wasn't in Lima. So, he deserved to walk around the neighborhood :)
geerbox says:
Ahhh, the empanadas that look like hats!! Sooo yummy! The Bolivian one was good too, but the other shop was neat!
Posted on: Dec 31, 2009
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they look so cute and taste delici…
they look so cute and taste delic…
Finally you are back! Take me for …
Finally you are back! Take me for…
great empanadas
great empanadas
the busy owner
the busy owner
is this for me?
is this for me?
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