All the way to Callao for a cebiche and of course to the airport :P

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nice church
It was almost 1pm when we arrived to Callao, well to the place where we were recommended to catch the right bus to go to Downtown Callao. The airport is located in Callao, so I assumed going there from Downtown would take 5min. Furthermore, I was thinking the flight was scheduled to leave at 4:50pm.

The drive with the 2nd bus was fast. First thing I could notice: people weren't as friendly as before and it didn't look that safe either - as a result I didn't take my camera out, just in case. Well, a harbor is a harbor no matter where you are. It reminded me a bit of Guayaquil. Finally we arrived to Callao downtown. It took a long time since the minute I left home, but it was so cheap.
Coastguard building
.. Anyway, I wouldn't have done it if I wouldn't have had that much time and almost no luggage.

It was sunny, yay! Callao downtown looked very beautiful. Buildings and squares were restored. We'd walk around after lunch. We were too hungry to wait hahaha. There were 2 recommendations in the guide. One was the oldest restaurant. It wasn't that easy to find it, since there were no signs. But we could find it. The place was full with locals. We were watching the menu writen on a board and an old waiter/administrator came out and said very loud: "come in!". It sounded more like a command. I said we were just checking the menu and he shouted: "so, what are you doing here?". How rude!

Well, better let's go to the place that was the writer recommendation. We tried with the oldest place, because of the tradition, but after that experience of rudeness no way I'd ever go back there.
complimentary toasted corn, sweet container
At least when we were looking for it, we did some sightseeing. So it wasn't a complete lost of time after all. The other place had 2 locations very close to each other. After picking the most traditional one, we went inside. This place was small and charming. It was full of locals who worked in Customs or the harbor, good sign. How lucky! There was a free table.

While I was waiting for the menu, decided to check the flight ticket. So good I did it! Flight's departure was at 4pm! We couldn't afford loosing much more time... What to order? We were sure we wanted a cebiche, but the guide recommended to try the "pejerrey" (silverside fish).  Ok, we'd have that for appetizer. In the meanwhile, he brought complimentary toasted corn and I took some pictures of this cool small restaurant.
appetizer: Enrollado de Pejerrey spicy sauce, silverside fried roll of shrimp and a piece of yuca - yummy!!! Best silverside ever!!!

A few minutes later the waiter brought our order: "enrollado de pejerrey". The dish looked very good and its flavor was great too. It was about shrimp wrapped with silverfish and fried. We couldn't waist time, so we ordered for the main dish, not without asking the waiter for some explanations, hahaha. He had a lot of patience. This is the way how a waiter should behave!

Our main dish came next. It was the classic cebiche. It was fresh and good, although I don't think I'd go all the way back to Callao just for it, but might do it for the pejerrey, hahaha. Seriously, if I'm nearby, I'd drive there, but driving 1 hr just for it is too much... sorry. This was a great experience, having such fresh and good fish at the harbor in a restaurant, which is a tradition among the locals, cool! It was impossible to find a tourist here, hehehe.
US$ 5.84 airport fee for domestic flights. At least is not US$ 31 like for international flights...

I'd have liked to stay here longer, but it was getting late. By the time we took a cab, it was around 2:45pm. Oh well, I was expecting we'd arrive to the airport at 3pm, as was requested by the airline. Oh oh! Downtown Callao was further than expected... and there was some traffic too, pfff.

We arrived at 3:15pm. There was no line at the counter, how lucky! oh oh! There was nobody because we were the last ones! So, we weren't able to pick up seats... The girl told us to go straight to the gate. Ok, ok, first of all paying the airport fee, then security and finally the gate. Then I saw it... the flight was delayed, grrrr. Usually I don't fly this airline, but wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt... well, so far the experience hasn't been that great. Well, it was too early to give a final veredict.

Flight left around 5pm, one hour later... just before boarding I noticed my seat was in the 1st row. Was one of the last to board, but would be the first to leave the plane, hehe. 
yadilitta says:
if you have time, is early, not much luggage with you, you should do it.
Posted on: Dec 21, 2009
geerbox says:
This is definitely not the quick way to the airport but it was fun!
Posted on: Dec 20, 2009
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nice church
nice church
Coastguard building
Coastguard building
complimentary toasted corn, sweet …
complimentary toasted corn, sweet…
appetizer: Enrollado de Pejerrey
appetizer: Enrollado de Pejerrey …
US$ 5.84 airport fee for domestic …
US$ 5.84 airport fee for domestic…
a former major
a former major
walking along Callao
walking along Callao
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At the restaurant. So you know th…
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forbidden entrance to: ambulants …
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the classic cebiche - it was a mi…
Miguel Grau square
Miguel Grau square
at the airport
at the airport
finally the plane arrived
finally the plane arrived
boarding pass
boarding pass
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