The adventure started: 1st time going to the airport by minibus, hahaha.

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Gunther, look at me... I'll come back soon...
Just the night before I came back from the highlands. I woke up early today and after repacked my stuff, was ready to travel again. I was so excited with the idea of traveling again, but Gunther wasn't so happy ... poor thing.

The destination was Iquitos, which is the biggest city in the Peruvian rainforest. I've been there before, but just for 2 days and it was a business trip, so I didn't have chance to explore the rainforest or even the city itself. I was always procastinating this trip, decided to visit other places before this one, but finally did it! Mission accomplished! The easiest way to reach Iquitos is by plain. Iquitos is like a big island - no highways - so the idea of driving a bus and then take a 2days boat wasn't that appealing, specially because I didn't have much time.
Taz says: "Watch your life!"

Back to the story, usually when I go to the airport I take a cab. I have never taken a minibus there, I consider it a bit unsafe specially if you have luggage and the bus drive can take a looong time.  But this time would be different. I had just a backpack with me, flight was leaving in the afternoon and I wasn't alone. Shawn would join me, so I'd have a bodyguard, hahaha. One of our main concerns was: lunch! hahaha. Yes, we both were thinking about where to have lunch. At the airport sounded so dull...

We caught a minibus which would drive us to Callao. The only thing I was sure is that I wanted to go to ther, didn't care much about the exact destination, hahaha. At the bus I asked the driver if he could let us know when we were the closest to where I could reach Callao downtown. Yay!

I have been collecting some brochures with touristy info about Peru, got the "Iquitos" one and also the "Callao" one. This brochure recommended some restaurants and the airport is located in Callao, yay! Now we had a plan. We'd stop in Callao for lunch and then take a cab to the airport. Adventure was getting started :)
yadilitta says:
yes, it was a good one. Thanks for the words about my writing. Glad you enjoy it and hope you can visit Iquitos soon.
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
tjedwards says:
It sounds amazing write so well ;) ohh poor gunther he is so cute!!
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
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Gunther, look at me... Ill come b…
Gunther, look at me... I'll come …
Taz says: Watch your life!
Taz says: "Watch your life!"
along Lima streets
along Lima streets
Use safety belt
Use safety belt
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