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Ladies and gentlemen, I've discovered the secret ingredient for the ultimate holiday: eating delicious homemade food you didn't have to make yourself!  I knew I had gained weight in the past year, but that sure as hell didn't stop me from stretching the stretchiness of my pants to their outer most limits during both Christmas Day and Boxing Day parties.  Wait, wait.... let's be honest here.  I started sampling the goodies as soon as we arrived at Rod's parents' house in Stanmore Bay, New Zealand.  Homemade mince pies and chocolate balls - who could resist?  Besides, Rod knew where all the goodies were stashed.  I didn't stand a chance.

We arrived late on the 22nd of December at Auckland Airport thanks to the lovely (read: crappy) services of Jetstar.  By the time we made it past customs (they insisted on examining and cleaning our tent), and drove up to the Hibiscus Coast north of Auckland, it was past midnight.  Still, the air was cool and refreshing and I was excited to finally be on vacation after a very hectic last 2 months scrambling between my various jobs and family events.

The following days were spent catching up with everyone and last minute prep work for the big Boxing Day party.  We were spending Christmas Day at the home of the friends of the family, but Boxing Day was always reserved for Rod's mother.  You see, ever since I had met Rod, he raved about how loved his mother's yearly Boxing Day Party was.  Raved.  Due to circumstances beyond his control, last year Rod could not fly home for Christmas so the Boxing Day party was called off.  People were upset.  His friends had even called him in Sydney asking to be invited to the Boxing Day party even though Rod was in another country.  News of the cancellation was heartbreaking at best.  I was astounded by the emotional outpouring over this one event so you have to understand that there was quite the build up to this year's bringing back of the Boxing Day party.

Oh boy was it a feast!  Scallops, prawns, fresh sashimi salad, chicken, a roast, bacon wrapped steak, sausages, fresh veggies from the garden, several blue cheeses and crackers, homemade mince pies, chocolate balls, rum balls, a homemade chocolate Christmas tree, Bloody Marys with mussels, homemade ice cream cake...... *drool*  The feeding was epic.  His mother had been making preparations for months... months!  All I had to do was chop up some stuff, mix up some stuff in a bowl, clean stuff, whatever - and only for a couple hours in the morning.  People started arriving around noon, and I didn't stop eating until at least 4pm.  Oh the glory of it all!  Food is so awesome.  Why do people ever bother with diets?


Connie says:
Hey back off! Get your own Boxing Day food fest! :P
Too right about the warning though. Maybe we'll have to get some bouncers for next year's bash!
Posted on: Jan 08, 2010
Dr_Seuss says:
That was nice of them to clean your tent :-) Saved you the trouble.

Better edit it or we'll all be heading to Rod's mums for Boxing Day if that's the spread she is putting on :D
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
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