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I feel as though I've had a true kiwi experience.  All I did was go to a concert, but the concert felt kiwi as. 

The concert was at the Coroglen Tavern in Coroglen.  And by Coroglen I mean the one tavern town.  I'm not even sure it qualifies as a town, but I saw it on a map at a backpackers and so it's got to be some kind of township.  All there is out there is a tavern on the side of the road.  However, it seems to be infamous for the concerts it hosts in the field behind the main building headlined by famous kiwi bands.

We got a lift with our friends in Matarangi to take us to the Fat Freddy's Drop show.  I've never heard of these guys before, but they seem to be world famous in New Zealand.  I asked what sort of music they played.  Dub.  I don't even know what dub is.  Maybe I'm not hip.  I suppose I'm supposed to feel old now but I really don't give a rat's ass.  Turns out it's easy-going reggae with some brass instruments.  Reggae meets ska.... in a lounge.  Well, that's how I would describe the music of Fat Freddy's Drop.  And it turns out that they really are world famous in New Zealand.  When we got there, the parking lot (a.k.a. field) was already pretty full of cars and tents pitched for the night.  For the $20 parking fee (geez!  even in small town nowhere you can still get ripped off!) you get to park your car and camp for the night.  Had that been our plan, then the $20 fee would have been a bargain.  But we were heading back to Matarangi that night.  Thankfully.  The already drunk teenage boys parked next to us who asked us to move one car length over in order for them to pitch their tent didn't inspire me to camp out for the night in that field.  I'm really just past that point.  I guess I am getting old.  Meh.

As we waited in line to confirm our online ticket booking, I over heard one of the security guys chatting on his walkie talkie.  He consulted his little clicker/counter gitzmo and reported that 997 people had already entered concert.  997!  I didn't even think there were that many people in the Coromandel.  Perhaps my small town notions were clouding my judgment, but I still thought that was an impressive amount of people to show up in the middle of no where.  When we rounded the corner of the building we found ourselves under the tent roof of the outdoor/makeshift concert hall.  The place really was already packed, and Fat Freddy's Drop had already started their set.  It was awesome goodness, and also the peak of the kiwi-as experience feeling, but it was a surprisingly short set.  The show finished up around 11pm, long before anyone of us could drink enough to get drunk (keeping in mind the long line ups to get to the bar).  Somewhat anti-climactic, but when I got another look at those drunk teenage boys parked next to our car who hadn't even bothered to go to the show, I thought, let's just call it a night.  Old age here I come!
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