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Well our third and last real day in New York was a little less jam packed than our second day.  A group of us wanted to take the ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty up close.  So we headed down on our tour bus and took the downtown loop to get to the southern end of Manhattan.  The ride took awhile because of bad traffic so we ended up getting down there around 11 a.m.  We got our tickets at Castle Clinton National Monument and then waited in line for the ferry.  The ferry was really full and took a large group of people to the island.  On the way to the island, the weather was overcast and I was a little disappointed that all our pictures would come out dark.

  Once we got to the island, the sun started shining and everything came to life.  Seeing the statue was amazing and probably my favorite part of the trip.  It was so surreal to see it in person; it was so fun being able to go really close to the base and get some great shots with the beautiful blue sky finally out in NY.  We stayed there for an hour or so and then headed back to Manhattan.  We ended up eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant and I had some delicious sushi, salmon, california rolls, soup, salad and dumplings.  We spent our last night in Times Square, walking around and soaking up the scene.  We packed up that night and headed out the next day.  We ended up taking the subway and that was “interesting” to say the least.  All nine of us dragged, pulled and lifted our bags through the streets, down the stairs and into the subway for quite a few stops.
  Everyone got nice and sweaty, but we ended up getting to the airport eventually.  We got all checked in at JFK airport and had about 3-4 hours until our flight took off.  We grabbed some lunch and got checked in at the gate.  We had a lot free time to kill, so we talked and worked on our trip budgets.  Our flight left at 7:50 and we boarded around 7.  It was so much fun flying on Virgin Atlantic.  Not only did the all-British staff help get us into the mood for our trip, but the service was great and the airline had a lot of cool things to offer.  Each seat got its own television and could listen to music, play games or watch movies or tv.  It was a really good flight, except for the fact that our flight didn’t take off from the runway for and hour and a half because there were so many planes waiting to take off.  We eventually took off, I had a good in-flight meal, got a little rest and then arrived in London, England in the morning.

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New York
photo by: herman_munster