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Today, a group of us had the pleasure of going to the annual chocolate festival in Perugia!!  Perugia is a city about 45 minutes away by train.  We caught the train around 9 this morning and it was packed.  There was a large percentage of American tourists going to the was even more crowded because it was the first day.  Anyway, we got there, took the bus up the hill and then entered the festival area.  We first went through this old Roman underground building that had a good number of vendors selling their various chocolates.  I wasn´t really excited initially because I thought that the festival was going to be outside more.  It was a cool environment inside but I guess I was expecting more.  Well, we found the exit to the outside area and then I saw what I was expecting.  The streets were filled with tents and chocolate galore!!!  They had every type of chocolate that you could imagine in almost every form.  Besides the traditional bars and squares etc, there were chocolate playing cards, cell phones, wrenches, animals creatures etc.  Everyone starting looking at the booths and buying chocolates here and there.  Some of us were really hungry so we got some food at one of the few non-chocolate booths.  I had a pseudo hamburger that was actually pretty good.  We browsed for another hour or so up the main street.  It was extremely crowded, almost to the point of barely moving in some parts.  I had no idea that the festival was so popular!  I guess people really love their chocolate!  Anyways, we took a group picture with a gigatic piece of chocolate and then headed back down the street.  I bought some chocolates from a few booths, but I´m not sure how any of them taste!  Hopefully they´re good...Shaun and I split a popcorn with chocolate all over was an interesting flavor...kind of similar to the caramel popcorn you eat from christmas bins.  It was hard to eat though, because you could only grab one sticky piece at a time!  We had to start heading back to the bus station around 3 and then we stopped by McDonalds for a snack.  My snack ended up being a McChicken (which was delicious), fries and a drink!  That really hit the we were off to the train and back to Castiglion Fiorentino...

I had a group project that I had to work on tonight.  We finished most of it so we can relax tomorrow.  I´m really excited for this upcoming week because we have our Venice field trip and then our break!  The time is FLYING by right now...I can´t believe how fast its going.  September seemed like a nice, long month, but everything is really speeding up now...pretty soon it´ll be time to go home, which has its ups and downs..I miss home and family, but this is such a great experience, you almost don´t want it to end in a way...Well, I hope to have pictures up soon...

By the way, anyone in close proximity to Chipotle...please go there and eat a chicken burrito with the mild salsa, brown beans, onions, sour cream and rice with a side of chips and salsa and a REFILLABLE fountain that made my mouth water! Ciao!

euphemy says:
This is a festival I must attend!
Posted on: Oct 14, 2007
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photo by: Shannon_atl