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Travel Argentina to Peru

1.      Buenos Aires 2nd, 3rd, leave 4th

Take boat Buquebus $90 one way or $50 for ferry and bus. 3-4hours

2.      Montevideo 4th, 5th

Go to Salto takes 5 hours, then take a 12 hour bus to the falls. 6th

3.      Puerto Iguazu 7th, 8th, 9th

Go to Salta, 24hrs, $60 bus 10th

Crossing into Paraguay from Iguaçu falls.Takes 2 hours to get visa $65-$120US 30 days, remember to ask bus to stop for stamp at entry Asuncion

4.      Salta 11th

Cross into San Pedro de Atacama by bus, 10 hours 12th

5.      San Pedro de Atacama in Chile 13th, 14th

Will need to do a 3 day four wheel tour for $100 which goes across Salar se Uyuni. 15th, 16th, 17th

6.      Uyuni in Bolivia 18th

Bus 13h, may need to do 8 hour to ORURO 4hours to La Paz 19th

7.      La Paz 20th, 21st

Then bus 3h30

8.       Copacabana 22nd, 23rd

Stay on island such as Isla del Sol island 1h30 away

9.      Puno 24th

Take bus to

10.  Cusco 25th, 26th

Backpacker Train $100 return 3 ½ hours, stay in town Aguas Calientes for night and take bus to machu pichu.

11.  Machu Pichu 27th, 28th

Take plane from cusco to Pueto Maldonado, $150 return

12.  Puerto Maldonado 29th, 30th, 31st, 1st

Take plane to cusco

13.  Go to Arequipa 2nd




1.     2nd February Volunteer Peru, orphanage Arequipa $60 a week for rent

2.    ______ Volunteer Bolivia, animal conservation $175 for 2 weeks + money for food etc

3.    ______  Travel to Peru

·         Travel to Lima (capital)

Option 1

o    Fly Iquitos (Amazon) $80

o    Letica (Peru port)

§  Take a rapido (speedboat) from Iquitos [1] to Tabatinga in Brazil or Leticia  or Santa Rosa in Peru (60 USD or 170 PEN / 10 hrs) should not need visa is open crossing, no further.

o    Tabatinga (brazil port)

o    Head back to Iquitos (Amazon)

o    Take boat to Coca (small town on river) difficult finding a boat, need canoe (2weeks)

Option 2

o    Take bus to Trujilo (medium town)

o    Optional: Aucallama Volunteer Eco Truly Park - Eco village

§  $300 Us Dollars per month per person, $100 Us Dollars per 10 days, 12 dollars per day for less than 10 days and more that 3 days.  covers operating costs, basic housing, meals, yoga classes and extra activities. Nature work. Maybe a week notice, but no money deposit

o    Take bus to Mancora near border (beach town)

o    Go to Coca (small town on river)

Volunteer options for Ecuador

1. $120 a week food $20

Work building captivities; take care of animals (pay arrival) After COCA

2. $65 a week for accommodation, $20 a week for food

Work animals and construction (Need deposit) AFTER BANOS

3.  $450 month everything

Building trails eco stuff, mules to get here (email) after quito

4. $70 a week, $250 a month everything

Environment work, trails construction with bamboo (email). after quito

4.    Ecuador

·         Guayaquil (port)

·         Banos (adventure town)

·         Quilotoa (lake in crater)

·         Cotopaxi (hike mountain)

·         Quito (capital)

·         Tulcan (border town)


5.    Columbia


·         Pasto (volcano the Galeras, good place to break trip)

·         Cali (2rd largest city, nightlife)

·         Bogata (capital)

·         Medellin (nightlife)

o    Babylon is best known for its Thursday night all you can drink, 30,000 pesos to enter, OPEN UNTIL 4AM. Popular with semi pro girls, Las Palmas. It's popular with gringos and 'gringo hunters' (Tad).

o    El Blue is a popular place with cross-over music (a mix of rock and local music). It's popular with gringos and 'gringo hunters'. Thursday is the night to go.

o    Palmaia is the newest, biggest and arguably best club in Medellin and has a capacity of 3,000 people. Standard crossover music with a boxing ring for girl-fights! Autopista Sur.

·         Taganga (20mins from Santa Marta, beach town, TOUR for Lost City)

·         Cartagena is a large Caribbean seaport (check boat prices to island or panama, can do Volcan del Totumo tour, mud baths)


6.    Columbia to Panama (note outward ticket needed, so maybe sail is best option)

·         Try and find boat in Cartagena to Portobelo $250-400, includes food and visa (try $100)

§  1hour $2 bus to Colon

·         Fly Cartagena to panama City COPA $230

·         Panama by boat from Colombia is by ferry from Turbo to Capurganá (COP$ 49000, daily around 8AM) and by small boat from Capurganá to Puerto Obaldia (COP$ 20000). From there by plane to Panama City (USD 85) or by boat to Colon and Carti (USD neg).

7.    Panama

·         Portobello ( sleepy port with a population of fewer than 3,000)

·         Panama City (capital)

·         Boquete (coffee country, zip line, treks)

·         Bocas del Toro (nice sea town)

8.    Costa Rica

·         Puerto Viejo (surfers and backpackers small beach town)

·  $25 fee (boat) $378 3 weeks food incl ($18 night 21 deal)

Turtle conservation (DEPOSIT) Batan

· $30 fee  $147 21 days no food hostel ($7 a night)

Turtle conservation (Arrival) PARISMinA

·         San Jose (capital)

·         La Fortuna (The Arenal Volcano is a destination for scientists and tourists alike as it erupts on an average of 41 times a day)

·         Tamarindo (cool place for surfing and rainforest activities) 7 hours from San Jose


9.    Nicaragua

·         San Juan del Sur (coastal town, 30mins from border)

·         Granada (oldest city) Bus Managua to border $20


10.   Honduras

·         Tegucigalpa (capital)

DIVING (cheapest in CA)

Utila (small island, diving) 1hour ferry for $25 $5 dorms Diving open is $200-280 very cheap

Rhoatan (small island diving) 1.5hour ferry $30, $5-up dorms Diving $230-250, more things 2do, better beach

The Nina Elisabeth II catamaran, operated by Captain Vern Fine, provides a charter ferry service between Roatan and Utila dail for $55

11.    El Salvador

·         San Salvador, capital

·         La Libertad, ("El Puerto", America's elite surf spot, hostels El Hostel, Surf Inn $5/single)

12.   Guatemala

·         Antigua (colonial-style Spanish architecture lining its cobblestoned streets, as well as the three volcanoes looming in the distance) Volcán Pacaya active volcano $10 shuttle.

·         Lanquín

o   Semuc Champey (riverpools)

·         Flores (nice city to base to get to Tikal, bus stops Santa Elena) 5h to Belize City $15

·         Tikal (Maya temple, Q150 $20 entry open 6-6, Santa Elena Q20 $4) (Check Jaguar Inn for Hammock $7)

13.   Belize

·         Belize City (capital)    DIVING

Caye Caulker (small islanz, diving, Tinas Backpackers $12US, lizard bar) 2tank=100 o/w=300 adv=300 bluehole=210 frenchies
Ambergris Caye (big, $20boat 1h Pedro's Inn A=15) 2tank=100 o/w=400 adv=325 blue hole=250 aquadives
Tobacco Caye (tiny island, expensive)  A=$70 2tank=$150 o/w=450 adv=400


14.   Mexico

·         Cancun (beach party)

15.   America

Fort Lauderdale (Miami, plan stop over)

Las Vegas (gambling, Grand Canyon is near)

Los Angeles (big city)


16.   Next plan/ideas currently, WHV Canada  or fly to NZ and do fruit picking

·         Someone at home to post off a copy of your application with a money order. They then email you a "Letter of introduction" which you print off and present to Canadian immigration when you get there, you can then fly to Vancouver/Whistler or go to Banff (winter Nov-May)

· for fruit picking jobs

·         Else find job on way through SA/CA



1.     Columbia

·         San Gil Colombia (border option if going Medellin to Venezuela)

2.    Venezuela

·         San Cristobal (a border, nothing to do)

·         Mérida (worldwide highest and longest cable car)

·         Caracas (capital)

·         Ciudad Bolivar

o    After arriving in Ciudad Bolivar, you will need to take a small plane to Canaima, which is a remote village and entrance to the Angel Falls area.  The village and tourist inns are situated by a lake which has a few amazing waterfalls.  4hours boat ride to falls then

3.    Guyana

·         Georgetown. Capital port

Carribeans to Panama

Option 1   COST=$990+$80visaW=$1070    5 countries

o    Fly Barbados

o    Fly Grenada

o    Fly Trinidad (need to get visa waiver)

o    Fly to Curacao

o    Fly to Jamaica

o    Fly to Fort Lauderdale

o    Fly to Panama City

Option 2   COST=$1129 WJ=$719   4 countries

o    Fly Barbados

o    Fly to Antigua

o    Fly to Dominican Republic

o    Fly to Fort Lauderdale

§  Fly Jamaica

§  Fly Fort Lauderdale

o    Fly to Panama City

§  If add Fly Grenada, fly St Vincent inst, fly Puerto Rico

Option 3    Cost 300+260=$560        1 country

o    Boat from Colombia to portbelo or Colon

o    Fly Jamaica from Lauderdale

Option 4    Cost 300 +bus

o    Maracaibo Bus to Santa marta, boat

catsta says:
fantastic help!!
Posted on: Jan 08, 2016
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Wow this is packed full of great info!
I have a house in Cotacachi Ecuador with plenty of space and you are welcome to stay a night or two or a week :)
Posted on: Dec 24, 2009
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Wow... you plan.... good job! Sylvia....
Posted on: Dec 20, 2009
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