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slowly moving forward!
5 JAN. Walter is online!!! So i do not need to update anymore!

4 jan.  Walter is at home and his brother is taking care of him. Unfortunately he still has no television and internet yet! Telecom compagny is very very slow. Walter still has pain, but it is getting better. And he was glad he could go out for a while. But what suprised him, it was so cold!! Hopefully internet will be installed as soon as possible. Maybe this month??? :( poor walter!

This is the end of my blog for Walter. Lucky this blog stayed short because of the good condition walter is in. This is the last evening in the hospital for him. And tomorrow his new life will start. Glad everything turned out very well!!!

29 december. Guess what??? Walter is doing so very well, he can go home this upcomming friday!! Of course he has to behave very careful and needs a little help. But this is great news. He is looking forward going home. Now he will be able to  see the cat he missed so very much.
THis is nice to see!!!
Walter feels he is getting stronger every day. :) very good news
, and he is too young for a temporary nursing home! He should have been several years older!

  28 december: Walter is bored , and  his day yesterday was not one of the best. Today he is going back to the Hospital in Leidschendam, there was no place for him today in the nursing home. Now he has to wait again.

27 december, a message from Walters brother. Walter is doing ok, but his bloodpressure was a bit low today and therefore he needed Kalium. And he does not need extra oxygen anymore.
I received this picture from Walters brother. As you can see he is awake now!!LUCKY
But Patrick says you can see he is becomming more and more the old Walter! About his transfer to a nursing home, that will be on tuesday instead of monday.

26 december. Walter is doing so very well that the hospital is sending him home upcomming monday. He will stay in a nursing home for a few weeks to recover a bit more. And finally than he is able to go back to his own house. Feeling better than ever before!

25 december
. Walter is doing very well. Thanks to all the good vibes you are sending him! The drain is removed and now he is able to breath more easily. He feels like he is born again.
in his hospital room
And he is less tired now. So very very good news!!!

Today 24 december, Walter is doing ok, but he is in pain. But that is normal after a surgery like this. But the operation went well, and that is the most important. Tomorrow they probably going to remove the drains. So a step ahead! He is comming back step by step!


Good News so far. Walter is back in his room and all went very well. He is  doing g
reat until now.
to bad this is not an computer!
He has indeed had 4 by-passes. He is sleeping now, but it is possible that he will be awake late in the evening when he continues to go on in this condition. Thank you all for the support. Maybe i can talk to him tomorrow!! Hope so!

Walters big day today!

Today 22 december walter called. The operation will start at 13.30 (23 december) and will last for 5 hours. It was really necessary the doctor said because he was close on to a heart attack. He sends you all his regards. He will stay in the hospital in den Haag until 27th of december. After that he will probably be transported back to the hospital in Leidschendam.

There is a date for the surgery now!  on the 22 of this month he will be transported to the Leyenburg Hospital in den Haag. On the 23 he has his surgery! 4 by-passes! He has good faith.

Today Walter is still full of faith, but there are no visitors because of the snow.  After the surgery he has to be in the intensive care for one day, and than, if everything is ok, he will be moved to a normal department. He told me he would take his mobile phone with him in the operation room, so he would be able to call as soon as possible!!! :)) of course!!!
Walter is feeling ok, he thanks you all AGAIN!! :) On tuesday morning at 09.30 he is going to Den Haag. The next morning (early) the surgery will take place. The doctor now says that he might come home around new years eve. And Walter will try to log in on TB as soon as possible!! But according to me that will take some time before he can realise that.
The nurses in the hospital saw the travbuddy cards and they felt sorry for him. He was alowed to use the computer for a few minutes, but he could not log in on tb.
The postman who drove back to collect the cards for Walter
The computer was a bit slow. But he left a small message on Facebook. And he is lobbying for travbuddy in the hospital!:) And you know what? His bloodpressure dropped a lot!

Today we thought we will bring Walter the postcards we already received. I expected today more to come, but the postman was late this time. I saw his bike and went to him. I asked him if i could already have my mail. But unfortunately my mail was still in the storage room somewhere else. Oh, still half an hour left before we had to leave. I explained the postman that it was important for Walter. And you know what? He jumped on his bike and went to the storage room for us. And he came back in 15 minutes. That was real nice of him. Ok, now to Arnhem so we will arrive in Leidschendam at 15.30 hour, visiting time. I really think the NS hates us, because our train was not leaving. There where no trains between arnhem and Utrecht. Now we had to travel a very strange and long route.
But we made it! But much too late. Visiting hour was over, and Wally had his dinner. So we  had to wait untill 18.30 hours to visit him. Finally we reached the hospital, very tired already.
Entering the room on the 6th floor Walter was sitting on his bed. Mandy had printed out all the comments and best whishes from the tb site. And she put them on a big paper. He was so touched by all the comments, and he was so very glad with all the postcards he received. And he wants to be on a computer so very badly, only to thank you all. But i told him i will do that for you!  They do understand!
There is a date set for surgery now!!!:) waiting this long is very difficult for him. And not been able to get a fresh nose!! Just your room!! But it helps him that you all support him, it makes him feel very good. It is a heavy surgery he is going to have, but it really is necessairy. But he has hope! The obstruction he has is at the coronary artery, this obstruction is in a difficult plase. It is at the point where the artery is spread.  For sure ! next week he is going to the Haga Leyenburg hospital in Den Haag. (he told us that the food is ok! it was better than the restaurant in Arnhem we visited! :()
Keep you updated! Thanks for reading!
nathanphil says:
Thanks for the updates...
Posted on: Jan 07, 2010
ik-ben-10eke says:
Dankjewel dat je dit hebt bijgehouden Gejah, en fijn ook dat alles zo goed is gegaan. Lekker dat ie weer op zijn eigen stekkie is.
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
marg_eric says:
goed nieuws!
Posted on: Jan 04, 2010
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slowly moving forward!
slowly moving forward!
THis is nice to see!!!
THis is nice to see!!!
I received this picture from Walte…
I received this picture from Walt…
in his hospital room
in his hospital room
to bad this is not an computer!
to bad this is not an computer!
The postman who drove back to coll…
The postman who drove back to col…
I hope he will receive a lot of ca…
I hope he will receive a lot of c…
The cards!
The cards!
He was so glad with this!
He was so glad with this!
Waving before the window
Waving before the window
Walter really wanted to warn you, …
Walter really wanted to warn you,…
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