burning logs to stay warm SUCKS!!!

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our yurts!!
So we arrive safely under Tracy's careful maneuvermente (made up French word) and check in one of the only 2 buildings in sight. The innkeeper is this nice older man who is happy to help us and doesn't ask Tracy or I any bizarre ethnic questions like "are you eskimo?" or "I was in 'NAM!"

We get our keys and he points out the restroom facilities. Tracy, Mark and I are a bit anxious about these eco-lodges and want to check them out ASAP so we can prepare the rest of the gang. We enter the large 6-person one called "The Dutchman" and it's HUGE and REALLY COOL! It actually has 4 double beds so it can fit 8 people. We all consider crashing here, but the piles of STUFF that accumulate over the course of the day and the placement of the stove made it impossible for more than 7.
RJ ca va?!?!
The yurt has outlets, warm blankets, window-holes, an AC for the summertime, and even towels! Too bad it's the furthest yurt from the bathroom =(

The vistas are pretty crazy too. It's like.. desolate nothing for miles, just shrubs and dirt, and then some mountains in the background, broken up only by a set of train tracks a few yards away. It's crazy cool and though there are other people on the property, it felt like we were the only ones there, which is PERFECT for TBers cause we're a rambunctious bunch.

The LV crew arrives about an hour later with enormous energy and happiness. I think I was lifted off the ground in a bear hug like 40 times over the course of the next 2 days. Nancy strikes Molly Shannon "superstar" poses and Big meows his japanime greeting.
Nancy and Sal arrive!
They drag all their stuff into the Dutchman yurt and we show them the smaller, humbler Quatro yurt which soon gets dubbed the "punishment" tent for those behaving badly and needing to be exiled. About an hour into greetings and chatter and I exile myself to Quatro to sleep, but the process of heating up the yurt involves.. lighter fluid and wood that doesn't want to light, causing it to smell like napalm and get smokey enough to tear up the eyes of even a veteran smoker. 30 minutes later, I exit and frantically try and reach Nhi and Belinda as it's getting dark and there aren't many lights here, at least none on the road!

Nancy has a flashy red beacon which we place on the railing to guide them towards the yurt. Belinda uses google lattitude to find our exact location and just as dusk eats up the rest of the light, the rest of the LA crew rolls in - Priscilla, Nhi and Belinda! =) We celebrate with hugs and kisses again as we haven't seen each other in ages, and the 3rd unpacking party begins! We venture to the restroom facilities and it looks like a greenhouse and the water is freezing cold! The ground is dirt with some wood planked parts, there are a couple of sinks, a couple of flushing toilets, and a couple of rooms with showers.
Mark is disappointed we have shelter.
And a sauna!! But it is so small only 1 person can fit in there at any time. Not bad at all, it's just that it's kind of far considering the freezing cold!

Sal has cooked up some awesome pork cuts on the stove/heater and RJ and Big skewered bacon wrapped shrimp and bacon wrapped asparagus! We eat heartily and it seems we never stop cooking! After this, Nhi makes ramen with veggies at my request, and then she makes hot wine and Tracy puts together s'mores as Rj, Big, Mark and I try to get the fire going! I don't think we stopped eating during this weekend. It was less camping and more "making gourmet food country-bumpkin style" and trying not to get burned, scalded or frozen at any given point. Mark scraped up his hands doing lord knows what, and managed to create 2 exploding fireballs in the furnace/stove.
Tracy stakes claim on the bed closest to the furnace!
I almost froze to death in my flipflops and wool sweater, and then late late that night almost set the Quatro cabin on fire in the middle of the night because the fire went out and it was effing FREEZING.

Then, just after the s'mores, I come back into the cabin and everyone is lined up and there's a christmas tree cupcake-cake on the table and everyone sings happy birthday!!! OMG soooooo nice!! I was so shocked and almost started singing along I didn't realize it was for me for a few seconds. Wow, I have the BEST friends on Travbuddy. =) Nancy had baked the most delish chocolate cupcakes with white frosting and sugar shaped sprinkles and topped it with swirlie candles! She invited me to blow out the candles while she spun each layer I was like WOW this is INCREDIBLE! =) I am the luckiest, luckiest girl in the whole world to have this amazing group of friends that know no limits when it comes to love, warmth and generosity.
my first birthday cake! =)
I got really sad for a little bit knowing I would leave for NY shortly after the weekend was over. But I have a feeling I'll be flying back OFTEN for little trips with such great friends!

But man, staying out in the wild when it's freezing is NO JOKE. Not only was it cold, fires that we built spewed ashes everywhere, into people's faces, onto food, everything! And in the process of getting the fire going and burning, there were some serious smokeouts, the inside of the yurt was thick with smoke and people had to leave cause they couldn't breathe and eyes stung too bad. It was NUTS!

hirondellenhi says:
Posted on: Dec 22, 2009
vances says:
The smaller one wasn't the 'punishment tent' --- it was "the yurt of hurt"....
Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
PrissyT says:
OH! That smokey room! That was not pleasant at all! But I loved it because it made it memorable! LOL
Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
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our yurts!!
our yurts!!
RJ ca va?!?!
RJ ca va?!?!
Nancy and Sal arrive!
Nancy and Sal arrive!
Mark is disappointed we have shelt…
Mark is disappointed we have shel…
Tracy stakes claim on the bed clos…
Tracy stakes claim on the bed clo…
my first birthday cake! =)
my first birthday cake! =)
miles of brush, mountain, and a hi…
miles of brush, mountain, and a h…
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