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OMG the LV and LA peeps are CUHRAZY! I think the minute cameras come out, the inner clown, karate-choppers, high-kickers and silver screen reenactments that have been long suppressed come shooting out! =)

The meteor showers last night were pretty awesome. I thought I saw lots of stars in Zion during my last trip with Sal and RJ, and granted the stars were much much brighter there, but the sky was completely filled in Nipton it was unbelievable! The clouds rolled away just in time for the meteor showers, and this time we all saw some, unlike the Zion8 trip last year where people were like "huh?? that's it??" =) This time the streaks were brighter and lasted long enough to marvel at. Combined with the awesome smores concoctions Tracy had - bananas, peanut butter - you name it! =) And our hot drinks.
. we had everything from cocoa to thai iced tea (but not iced obviously!), and Nhi's witch's brew stirred in Nhi's cauldron - otherwise known as hot wine with spices =)

It was such a great day. Sal began making these AWESOME eggs full of crazy ingredients like brie, herbs de provence, sundried tomatoes, onions and mushrooms. I am getting hungry just talking about it! Nhi made more vegetable ramen for the asian-morning-soup-eaters and I think there was additional cupcake eating this morning while we packed the cars, hahaa =)

We headed out around 11 to see the dunes, but after a couple of wrong turns we went far enough that it wasn't quite worth it backtracking. The LA crowd had a 4 hour drive still and the LV crew had another Travbuddy to meet up with for dinner! We parted ways in Cima and the LA group later met up at In-N-Out in barstow to discuss future travels - to the Havasu Falls in AZ! =)

Another amazing weekend that went by too fast with my favorite TBers in the world! It is always a really magical time, full of love and fun and warmth and happiness =) I can't even lie, there is no way I'll ever be able to recreate these elements anywhere else but with this group. Perhaps it was my last indulgence in freefall happiness before the craziness of hypercompetitive, hyperactive yet wonderful NY draws me into its own designs..

hirondellenhi says:
okay make up my mind. it would be from Wed nite to Sunday nite. driving and hiking. at this point, i think jen can totally do it since you will be walking hustling about ny. you will be fit for the hike in no time. if you can train to walk about 2mile=1hr, you are set to go!!!
Posted on: Dec 22, 2009
jenn79 says:
That's a great resource Tracy! I think the prices are out of date though. It's no longer $20 to enter, but $35, and the lodges are much more now!
Posted on: Dec 17, 2009
TRE69 says:
check it out!

Posted on: Dec 15, 2009
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photo by: jenn79