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testing out my new cameraphone software on a very annoyed Mark. =)
YAY! My last weekend in Sow Cali, and I was gonna spend it with my BELOVED Vegas crew, arriving with my AWESOME LA crew in 2 cars! We were headed to the MOJAVE! Planning for this one was kinda nuts. We were going back and forth a little between camping and inn-ing it. And then the weather forecasts kinda scared us. It has been raining in LA nonstop for a few days now, and we were worried we'd have to traverse snow, or sleet, or brave scorpions and quicksand.. only to arrive and sleep in subzero temperatures for the weekend. Happiness, that is not.

But we had a bit of a compromise, and Tracy booked us 2 yurts! Now I don't really think that's a real word.. I think it belongs in the same family as "durr" and "right thurr" which are clearly made-up, but these "yurts" were like cabins, but with cloth tops, just like tents. But the amenities were awesome! Outlets, little heaters, super-hot stoves to warm us up and cook on!

We all packed our cars to the BRIM with food, water, pans, pots, games, sleeping bags, clothes, toilet paper, firewood, beanies, marshmallows and more food. Little did we realize that we would have enough food and supplies to last us something like 3 days instead of 1. Maybe even a week. But we wouldn't realize this until we got there and all the groups pulled out their contributions.

I had pulled close to an all-nighter the night before. The consultancy is challenging but the timeline is kinda crazy as I've been trying to juggle work, school, and this move. I got 1 out of 2 huge things done and asked for an extension, which was kindly given to me. I felt free as a bird when I left for Mojave, albeit a bit disoriented and slow-minded. But when I saw Tracy and Mark's faces when they arrived, I was giddy with excitement and ready to meet up with the LV CRAZIES and the rest of our group that would be leaving 8 hours later.

Pitstop at Fresh & Sleazy, another pitstop at Barstow for some In-N-Out, and at one point we were driving through the thickest fog and rainstorm. I was exhausted from going 30 miles an hour and barely being able to see the brakelights ahead of us. If that kept up, I would have not made it, but after about an hour of the horrible visibility, we broke through and saw the gorgeous sunlit mountains gathered for our arrival.

Mark kindly updated all sorts of weird stuff on my phone, and Tracy was kind enough to take the wheel after Barstow so I could catch some zzz's, but I was still amped about our weekend so I got like 20 minutes rest. I realized as well that I had left my heavy coat at home in the hustle & bustle of the morning. I can't believe I was about to go to the freezing Mojave WITHOUT A COAT. But of course, I'm with travbuddies, so I was offered a million blankets and sweaters and socks from everyone. That's what this group is like.. how can I leave LA without being sad??
hirondellenhi says:
yurt is a word too..mongolian that is! :) or just ger
Posted on: Dec 22, 2009
TRE69 says:
Yurt IS a word! According to Wikipedia...a yurt is a portable, felt-covered, wood lattice-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by nomads in the steppes of Central Asia. But for clarification we stayed in tented cabins! Maybe we can plan a similar excursion in your neck of the woods...say in the Catskill Mountains area...that would be cool!=D
Posted on: Dec 14, 2009
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testing out my new cameraphone sof…
testing out my new cameraphone so…