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Nob Hill

We got up, checked out from Park Lane Suites, and drove around Nob Hill and Washington Park before we picked up Thomas at 9:45pm.  Little did we know that both Nob Hill and the Park were like a walk away from my hotel!!  We parked along the street in Nob Hill and walked around.  It was still pretty early so most of the businesses weren't open yet.  A few people were doing their Saturday morning jog. 

We drove to Washington Park.  The park is actually set upon a hill and not flat land like I expected.  You would have to drive your car up the hill that will lead you to different sights.  Sights being Holocaust museum, zoo, discovery museum, arboretum, etc.  We stopped at the International Rose Test Garden.

Overlooking the city from Washington Park
  Seeing that it was March and the end of winter season, there were no roses in bloom!  But I can just imagination the beautiful colors, weeee!!! haha  We took pictures anyway!

We picked up Thomas and drove along the Columbia River Gorge Highway.  Our first stop was Vista House.  It had a nice view of the city and the gorge.  We continued on to Latourelle Falls (249 ft), Wahkeena Falls (242 ft), and Multnomah Falls (620 ft).  All the views from these falls were breath-taking!!  Multnomah was actually taller than the Hickory Nut falls in Chimney Rock park!

We ate lunch at the Multnomah Falls lodge, recommended by the travel guide.  It was really nice and had a rustic feel to it.  The inside had a nice, dark, comfy ambience with warmth coming from the fireplace.  It was so nice and toasty inside!  Ant and I ordered salmon with fries.  It was sooo good, better than the salmon from the Pioneer mall.

Us in International Rose Test Garden
LOL  I bought a Multnomah Falls ornament from the gift shop.  I've decided to give up my key chain collection!

From there, we went to the Bonneville Lock and Dam.  From Wikipedia -->The primary functions of Bonneville Lock and Dam are those of electrical power generation and river navigation. The dam was built and is managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The dam also has fish ladders that help the salmon get past the dam.  I only saw one fish and I think it was stuck because it stayed in one place even though the water was rushing by.  We also checked out the Bonneville fish hatcheries, lots of yummy salmon. LOL

After that, we passed by the Bridge of the Gods.  According to my travel book, there is a legend that says this was actually a natural bridge a long time ago.  This bridge connects Oregon and Washington over the Columbia River.

Wahkeena Falls
  We crossed the bridge to get to Fort Cascades National Historic Site.  A town was built around this fort but was abandoned after a flood.  We took a walking tour around the fort, which was a little creepy because there were boulders covered with some type of green moss.  I kept thinking of little aswangs living between the boulders. Yikes!  More Info 

After the Fort, we headed back to Portland.  We stopped by an outlet off of I-84, but there were no interesting shops.

Multnomah Falls
   Hoping we could get to the Grotto, but we didn't make it on time!  We headed back to downtown, dropped T off, and checked into our Quality Inn & Suites hotel off of 84 in Gresham.  What a piece of crap.  The free hot breakfast and free wireless internet enticed me, but when we got there, the hotel didn't look as nice & "new" as I thought it would be.  Breakfast wasn't so bad.  Also, there aren't any elevators!!!!  Good thing we only had one luggage!!

We ate dinner at some hole in the wall Japanese place called, Joy Teriyaki, a walk away from the hotel.  SOOO hole in the wall, no one that worked there was Japanese! LOL  Anyways, I ordered chicken teriyaki, it was pretty good.  Ant ordered this noodle thing that looked like pancit canton, but it has a diff seasoning!  

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Nob Hill
Nob Hill
Overlooking the city from Washingt…
Overlooking the city from Washing…
Us in International Rose Test Gard…
Us in International Rose Test Gar…
Wahkeena Falls
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