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Oak Hotel Sign

We arrived in Narita airport around 3pm.  We went straight to the JR reservation desk to get our JR Pass and reserve all our trains for the week.  I was so glad they can speak a little English there.  We were able to book our train rides without any problems at all even during Golden Week!  Man, and I was sooo worried about that.  We took the Narita Express train from the airport to Tokyo Station.  It was about an hour ride.  It was already raining a little but by the time we got to Tokyo station, it was just drizzling.  From Tokyo station, we had to take a JR train to the JR Ueno station (which we didn't have to pay for since the JR Pass covers all JR trains!!!!  It's $$$$$, but totally worth it!)  So we got to the station, and we were all OK how do we find the Asakusa Exit?  LOL we tried to follow the map provided by the hotel and it was confusing because they didn't include what direction we would need to be facing.

Oak Hotel, twin bedroom
North, South, East, West??!! LOL omg... so we just took any exit and we started to walk "along the highway" according to the map.  A Japanese lady saw us and started to help us!!!  That was so nice!! Throughout the trip, many people like her were SO nice and willing to help us find our destination.  So she walked with Anthony for awhile helping us find Asakusa-dori. 

dori = street

She finally left us, but we were still like ok, that's the street, how do we get there? lol and we still couldn't locate the Fed Ex on Asakusa.  Eventually we found the street and we hiked "10 minutes" to the hotel.  that was a super long 10 min.  We still coudln't find it and an older japanese guy that passed by us asked "doko? hoteru?" to which I replied, "Oak!" LOL  OMG thank God for our Japanese CD lessons!! LOL 

doko = where

hoteru = hotel

Oak Hotel is not EXACTLY easy to find.

Small standard Japanese bathroom
  Our map said look for their sign, which turns out to be super small and at street level, not even eye-level.  We were looking up at buildings expecting to see a huge sign!!

We arrived at the Oak Hotel .  Nice and good enough for budget-wise travelers looking for a private bath hotel room.  It is about $65/nite for two people!  They have free internet with four computers, 2 drink vending machines which any new tourist to Japan will realize these are lifesavers!   One dining table, kitchen area with sink and microwave complete with utensils for everyone to use, and a washer and dryer.  The staff is superfriendly and they speak English very well.  They have this bulletin board in the lobby with lots of helpful travel tips and restaurant guides in the area.

Our room was pretty decent for a cheap hotel.  It was small with two, twin beds.  The beds were clean, I was afraid of bed bugs, but there weren't any!!!  They even provide a yukata.  The room barely had any walking space!  The bathroom was even smaller by regular standards!! Just taking a shower, my elbows kept hitting the walls!  Luckily, there was no other rooms on that side.  lol

Yukata = lightweight cotton robe

By the time we settled in, it was already dark.  Sun sets pretty early there.  It was around 7-8pm and we already missed out on the activities I planned for the day.  (Yes it took that long at the reservation office, an hr train ride frm the airport, and probly a good 45 min. getting lost in the station and finding the hotel!)  But it was ok, since it was drizzling anyway!  We walked around looking for dinner.  Most of the small restaurants already closed, but we walked for quite a while and saw many places to eat.  We walked as far as the next small town Asakusa. lol  We ended up eating at a food court in ROX mall at a place called Taco!  And no it was not a mexican food place!!  Their plastic food display looked tempting so we decided to eat there!  We were hesitant to go in coz we were all OK how in the world are we going to order?! haha but as soon as we walked in, the guy motioned us to go back out and point to which of the food display we wanted. LOL  i chose this noodle dish that looked like pancit (but NOT the pancit noodle) with beef and seaweed at the top.  It was really good!!  Anthony got the same thing and I think Gabby got beef and rice with miso soup.

After dinner, we didn't even bother looking around in the mall.  The clothes prices are really pricey!!!  We walked back to the hotel and on the way we saw all these other restaurants to try.  There is also a 99 Yen store two blocks away.  We bought all our bottled waters and breakfast there for the rest of the week!  That's like less than a $1 per item!  and they don't sell the crappy junk they sell at the Dollar Trees here.  This one was like a small grocery store!!!!   They had fresh fruits, fresh veggies, instant noodles, packaged food in the refridgerator section, breads, pastries, kolaches (4 in a pack), donuts, drinks, candy, ice cream, everything!!!

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Oak Hotel Sign
Oak Hotel Sign
Oak Hotel, twin bedroom
Oak Hotel, twin bedroom
Small standard Japanese bathroom
Small standard Japanese bathroom
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