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We made it to the beach, and with my skin starting to crisp, I thought it would be a good time to catch up with everyone and write a bit about my time in New South Wales.   We left Melbourne in the afternoon, and took an hour flight to the Gold Coast, where we immediately rented a car and drove down to a nice little beach/surfing town called Byron Bay. Driving on the left side of the road certainly is a trip in of itself, nevermind having to drive in the dark having no idea where I was going.  Honestly, I am surprised they let us yanks drive on their roads, it just seems too dangerous.  We found Byron Bay eventually but it was late when we got into town, so we parked the car and slept until I woke up at 5am by the blistering sun.  This wasn't a big deal,  as I was excited to find the beach and head out to a small mountain town we heard so much about....but more on that later.  The beach was a beautiful tropical paradise, as one would expect, and very laid back.  We were able to hang out there and just chill out for a while.  We decided that we were going to sleep in the car for the next few days, as accomadation was way to expensive for our budget.  After some beach time, we headed in to the country side, which was beautiful and we found ourselves in Nimbin.  Now, I gotta say, I have found myself in some cool places in my day, but Nimbin was one of the most rad little towns I have ever stumbled upon.  Nimbin was the home of the 1972 Aquarius festival, as the sign entering the town notes, and apparently the hippies never left.  People openly smoking pot, cafes with reggae music being played, dogs walking around without the opressive leash, more beards and patchouli than I could count.  Truely a wonderful and heady little place.  So, we scored ourselves a big ass bag of weed and proceeded to indulge for the remainder of the afternoon.  We sat in a coffee shop, and just listened to the music and soaked up the vibe.  I have a feeling i haven't seen the last of Nimbin.  We headed back to Byron for the next couple days and spent most of our time there drinking cheap wine on the beach and smoking spliffs.  We were left alone in the car until the 3rd night there, when some facist thought he was saving the world from the likes of us dirty hippies and woke us up and kicked us out of our area at 4am.  We were super annoyed, but realized our welcome must be wearing and it seemed as though it was time to move on.  With the bank account dwindling faster than we planned it was time to find a more livable place to crash for a while and find some work.  We dropped of the rental car, and got ready to fly to Townsville, up in Queensland.  Unfortuntaly there were a string of cost cutting measures that ultimatly had us sleeping in the Brisbane Airport, mostly due to the City of Brisbane's inadequate transporation to the airport between 7:00pm and 6:00am.  Either way, we made it up to Townsville, where Hilary studied for a semster a few years ago.  She's showing me the sights, and we are getting ready to start the job hunt.  Until next time, try to stay warm, I know I won't have a problem!

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Byron Bay
photo by: SFGiantsGirlie