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So here I am, I finally made it. It wasn't easy getting here, then again it never really is. Long bus ride from Buffalo in a blizzard, a day of getting soaked in NYC and then of course the 25 hour flight. Needless to say I have been kind of out of it. It's been a couple days, which i needed to drink and sleep away my jet lag but I am feeling energized now and I am ready to start my adventures. My first impression of Melbourne and Australia in general has been overwhelmingly positive. Folks here are kind, friendly, and helpful. The city is vibrant and clean, with some of the best public transit I've ever used. The amount of green park land is overwhelmingly beautiful and there are more cool looking birds here than I could ever have imagined in such a bustling metropolis. Food here is great, weather is temperate, and life just seems generally laid back. And yes, I have already taken tons of pictures that you are all going to have to wait to see until I can find cheaper internet rates. Which, of course brings me to my next point. Traveling on the ole US dollar is not what it used to be. Things here are incredibly expensive in comparison to the States. I am sure a lot of that has to do with being in the city, but I think it mostly has to do with a weakening dollar, so I will be looking for work relatively soon here so I can make some real money. Not a big deal, as I expected to have to work, which is why I secured a work visa before I got here (score one for planning!) . I also have noticed, since this is my first time in a developed country other than the US since the dark cloud of the Bush years, that it's cool to be American again! That's pretty exciting to say the least, because I was preparing myself for the typical onslaught but alas it has not come. Agree or disagree with Mr. Obama's policy making, as a traveler I am happy with that for sure. Hilary and I have been trying to book a car today, but haven't had much luck finding a cheap one, as a matter of fact it was cheaper to book a flight out of Melbourne tomorrow to head to the lovely Gold Coast (or at least I have been told it's lovely). I guess not a whole lot has happened quite yet other than getting used to everything here, but I am sure that's about to change, as our next destination will be the Gold Coast and then Nimbin. Look it up if you want a preview, but for those of you who know us, I'm sure you'll see why that spot was picked as our next stop. Until next time, I miss everyone (but not too much yet) and have fun shoveling snow and dealing with the cold, as I am searching for my sun screen and the best beach bar I can find!
Roxie1996 says:
Well it was nice to hear about your journey. Yes it's cold. Kenny and I missed the snow, though. We were in Plymouth, and Lynn didn't get any. My internet has been spotty all weekend because of the cold and trouble at the pole. Hey, no calling cards there? I've been carrying around my phones all weekend waiting to hear your voice. k, I'll look up the Gold Coast to see where in the world Tommy San Diago is. Love you!
Posted on: Dec 13, 2009
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