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I hate to be the counter to everyone's opinion, but then again these are all only opinions; including mine.  All the write ups I have found about Djibouti prepared me for a Hell hole, fire and brim store sort of place.   Heat and more heat all the time, sweat pouring from every orifice as I drank gallon upon gallon of water.  Ouch what a wonderful place. 

Okay, so let me try to put this whole heat and Djibouti thing into perspective, my opinion of course.

 True Djibouti is very very hot in the summer.  Very hot is around 130 degrees heat index, black flag conditions (drink lots of water every hour and get out of the sun at least 15 minutes every hour) most days, in the summer.  It is hotter out side of a parked car than inside; think about that one.

This is the SUMMER....

Guess what, it is HOT in Texas and Florida too in the summer time.  I pick these two places because I live in both.  The heat is horrible in San Antonio and South Texas, and just as bad in Florida.  Yet people travel there in the summer.  Why?  I have no clue.  The best time to travel to either San Antonio or the beautiful white beaches of Pensacola, or Panama City is Sept - November when the temperature is down 10 degrees and there are few people.

Same thing with Djibouti.  In the SUMMER it is hot as Hell's Gate, but in the Fall/Winter/Spring it is rather pleasant.  As I write this entry the time is 10.34 AM and the outside temperature is in the mid 80's.  Night time temperatures are in the 70's, and highs will be in the high 80's low 90's.  Not exactly the horrible heat that everyone keeps writing about.

My opinion
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