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I personally was not really impressed with Taronga Zoo, it was a complete rip off, i have been to much better zoos. some of the exhibits were not working, others were under constructions and some did not hold any animals whatsoever. i would say that about 30% of the park felt like it was under construction, 50% of the animals were hiding because of the heat, which only leaves about 20% of the animals to be seen (pretty much just the reptiles out to bask in the glory of the super hot sun of australia. as with all zoos everything depends on the animals... it is almost why we go to zoos in the first place, i personally have a love/hate relationship with them. on one hand i find it amazing to see these creatures, like the condor (i think it was a condor anyways) who's wingspan is taller then i am standing up (i am 5'6 or 5'8 in case you are wondering, and no i cant remember which). on the other hand it disgusts me to see these animals reduced to a shadow of their former selves to be gocked at for our pleasure.

It was 30 or 40 dollars reg, but i think i had concession so i managed to get it for 28$. the presentation of the zoo is nice but especially if you approach it via the ferry, though to be honest i cant really say which one is better because i never got a look at the other enterence, but the ferry way enterence you cant even tell you are comming up to a zoo, it felt more like something out of jurassic park or an old style mansion. i for whatever reason did not take pictures of the ferry approach.

the day i went on was pretty warm, something like 35 or 38 degs. enough that i jumped into the ocean after my 3 hour walk through the zoo (they have a beach that is kind of hidden and hard to find there, pretty nice beach actually). if you havent guessed it took me 3 hours to walk though the entire zoo, i saw every exibit, though i did not go to the seal show, which if memory serves is about 30 to 40 mins.

for me the best part of the zoo was the beach i found at the end. i am not sure if it is public or private but there did not seem to be a problem with me going down there and going inwith just my shorts, i would recommend it to everyone to try it.

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