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not much to say about manly beach. it is a nice beach, though i have to warn people that this is my first austrialian beach that i have seen so i am sure there are many other ones. (any recommondations? especially off the beaten path and on the west coast) i chose to go to Manly instead of bondi because a beach that gets 15,000 to 30,000 people a day or a weekend does not sound like a nice relaxing day at the beach.

just like with ever beach (at least where i come from) there is a small touristy over price town attached to it, manly is no different. though it seems to me that there are two parts to manly, as manly is a big suburb. there is the part of manly that is trendy and is attached to the beach and then there is the real manly where everyone lives, i was not lucky enough to have enough time to explore the real manly to see if it was different. so if i ever refer to the town it would be on the touristy part, so anyone from manly wishing to set me straight please feel free. personally i dont think there was anything that made the town stand out, once you have seen a beach town you have seen them all, they all seems to have some kind of market with random vendors, over priced food, designer sport brands, novelty shops, and over priced beach rental places.

I was lucky enough to be joined by two friends i met in the hostel. we decided to try body boarding, when we were in the water a bunch of kids had them and it looked like a blast. we rented them from a guy who spends his days on the beach renting them out cheap especially compared to the other places, and normally takes a driver's lic as collateral. i cant really remember the prices but it was something like 10 for an hour and 15 for two hours. we chose to rent them for an hour. as a warning to others, we are pretty sure weight is a factor. as it was much harder for us to board then the kids. in the hour we rented the boards i managed only to do it successfully twice, and my other friends once each. also a note of warning watch your nipples, because of how you have to hold the boogy board you are in constant friction with it, and it really really really hurts after a while but you dont notice it right away, my advice bring some lard or somthing to lather yourself up with. for what it cost and how much fun i had i wouldnt recommend it, it is best to save your money. spend the money on one of the over prices restaurants that have seating outside on the main walkway, it may be over priced but the food was amazing and worth it after a long day at the beach.

we were also lucky enough to see volley ball games while we were there, i am not sure if this always happens on weekends or was a special event. i think it is a weekend event. considering the unoffical nature people went around doing the games and practicing i think they are pick up games but they are organized into mini tournys, or you can come with your own premade team and join the tourney

jethanad says:
what I liked about Manly beach is that there were people of all ages and skill levels swimming and surfing. Much more of a family beach. There were many others where only intrepid surfers would dare to enter.
Posted on: Mar 28, 2014
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