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Hey mum, No i didn't bring my laptop with me, my Harddrive blew up.. so It wont be working any more, good thing I saved all my pictures in facebook! Oh and this morning I got robbed, Everyone in my hostel room did. My purse was right by my head when I was sleeping and people came in and took everyone's purse/wallets And Stole All my money I had 350$ cash. And I was freaking out because my Camera was in my bag with all my sailing photos and my glasses and my cell phone, plane ticket and all my Id. So everyone in the room was having a panic attack. Then I called my cell phone and heard it outside, and there in the bushes was everyone's wallets and my purse.. But all the money was missing! I am just thankful that i have my pictures and I.d. Back .. PHEW! close one though. but now I'm out 350$ :(   ANyway, my sailing trip was so Much FUN!! It rained the first day a bit, but I saw Dolphins 4 of them leaping through the water, and I saw a wallabies ( mini kangaroo thing) I went Scuba diving for 45 minutes It was so much fun, WE HAVE to go when were in thailand I heard from everyone its amazing there. then we sailed to Whitehaven beach and it was amazing, my camera is a bit broken though so all the pictures turned out really over exposed and the sand looks pink.. but oh well. Oh and after it got thrown off the balcony from he robber Now it doesn't work at all.. But the memory card does so i was able to get my photos off of it. and Good thing I just ordered a new camera! it should be delivered by the time i get back to my house in main beach! Yay, now i will have good fancy photos. Anyway we left Whitehaven beach then sailed to long island where we spent the night, in the morning i went kayaking and sat in the pool where they had seats and a bar so we had a long island Ice tea on long island in the pool, it was cool! then we sailed to daydream island and went snorkelling but the visibility was really bad so i didn't see much. the captains daughter was on the boat with us, little girl named mistrell, she was 8 and looked so much like april I hung out with her lots she was fun, and told me about all the corals and fish, she was a very knowledgeable 8 year old, she's been sailing since she was 5. and the rest of the people on the boat were fun too, I made lots of friends! Today is Australia day, I was supposed to fly home on the 30th but I changed my Flight to brisbane to Today... guess why... JACKIE got a ticket to the gold coast and is coming to visit me for a week, she arrives tomorrow!!!!! I am sooo excited, should be so much fun to see her! That's all I can think of to tell you now, but i will try and remember other small details and let you know. Oooh i got really sea sick when we were in the open water. BLEH. stupid motion sickness, I also got offered a job on the boat and you just do cleaning and dishes, but you don't get paid.. just free room and board.. on board and free Dives. But I need to work to save money and I don't know if i could handle sea life with my stomach for months at a time. 3 days was plenty!! 
The food Was SOOOOO good though, I didn't expect boat food to taste so nice! we had roast lamb, and pastas and meat pies, all freshly cooked.. MMMM like food that you cook! was nice for a change, rather than takeaway and restaraunt food! I'm going to go get my legs waxed now! Email me back and let me know if you have anymore news of thailand. I am alright to stay in australia longer so whenever works best with you. Love you Lots and miss you !!!!!!
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