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Hey everyone this is sweet and short i will write more exciting details when i am awake and have free internet.
So landed in Thailand.. (Bangkok) and went to the
-erwan shrin where people ask buddha for good fortune
-then I went to the Khoa san road where markets and vendors are set all along the street and everything is cheap cheap.
-then met up with my Jilly bean We hung out and slept off our jet lag
-Next day. Went to a snake farm, got to hold a baby monkey ( I want one) saw lots of snakes and cobras and a big croc ( not as big as aussie crocs)
- boated down the canals and ended up at the grand palace.had a look. Prayed to the emerald Buddha for a baby monkey. ;)
- went to uncle Geoffs for dinner, met the cousins for the first time, ate some traditional thai food and helped tara with her homework.
- Next day. Flew to chiang Rai. went to the Spa 35$ for 2.5 hour massage and facial. Saweet! Walked to the Night Bazzar. Shopped and Shopped. found lots of amazing things.
Next Day. took a red bus ( sort of taxi truck with open back, only 4 people ) up to the famous chiang mai temple. Got blessed by a monk. went to a silk village, learned how to make silk and then went to a jelwrey store and learned how to carve jade.
- Took a Thai cooking class, I can now make pad thai, shrimp& coconut cream soup, and thai green curry with chicken. YUM.
- went to Night Bazzar again, Jil is loving the shopping here. Then went for another massage ( this time 1 hour for 5$ ) Yay Loving this.
- Next Day ( Today ) went to an Elephant Camp and for an elephant ride. Went to a karren village in the hills, they liked my dimples and wondered why i wasnt married yet.
- we hiked to a waterfall, it was to cold for me but lots were swimming.
- we hiked to another tribe village and bought some goodies. and i got attacked by a chicken.
- we went on a bamboo raft down a river, Jil fell off Haha. we even went down a mini waterfall. it wasnt as intense as it sounds, but lots of fun and nice veiws.
- now I am back in chiang mai in an internet cafe and getting ready to go on a dinner cruise down the river
Thai food is soo good, and I suggest to everyone to come here. its amazing. and everyone is so polite and friendly!
See you all soon~!
Love Tasha!
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