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- Amsterdam ( it is sort of dirty, a town full of tourist stoner American boys , there is hot hookers to look at. I saw a live sex show with tiffany and got to dance onstage with one of the strippers and eat banana off her titty. Yum.. Sarcastic yum.. but it was fun. Tiff and i almost stayed at this guys house until we realized he was a creepy murderer so instead our friend nick smuggled us into his hostel and we slept in the tv room for 2 nights.. (Everything was booked.. oh and we were poor. it was the end of the trip.)


- Copenhagen,  GOD I love Denmark, they have the most amazing clothing and the girls are all cute and ride bicycles and push old fashion trams.. I will move here one day.


Stockholm, Sweden - great vintage styles,, the people sort of look nautical tattoos bald heads. blues and white.. lots of sea around, pretty scenery. saw the Vasa.. \


Finland - the youth all look like metal heads.. i did not like Helsinki that much it was sort of grey. I heard the country side was fab though.


St. Petersburg , Russia - opulence vs poverty. There are huge amazing palaces with gold everything, i saw the amber room too.. Really neat. Fantastic old art, if you like that stuff.. um and i saw a folkloric show and went to the hermitage ( biggest museum in the world) had a little bit of an art overdose.. as for the people and homes they live ion.. Basically it’s like grumpy crack addicts living in run down yucky apartments.. i dont know if they actually are on crack but that’s the feel of the city.. Grey and serious. Russians don’t smile to much.. oh and everything is about religion.


Tallinn , Estonia  - Adorable arts and craft town with the cutest felt elf hats i have ever seen in my life.


Oslo, Norway - I went hiking it was nice alot like the mountains here just not as big. It was beautiful in that the city is so close to so much wonderful scenery. I didn’t see much of the city unfortunately.


Dinklesburg, Germany. got to drive on the autobon.. sweet ass! um the town was typical German, we had wiener schnitzel.. haha


Halstatt, Austria - I went yodeling ontop an Austrian mountain top. neato! the town was gorgeous had a big lake and the whole feel of the town was very quaint. i did a tour of the oldest salt mines in the world and dressed up like a miner. salt is mined quite interestingly.


Croatia - It was sooo hot Almost 35-45 degrees Celsius each day. Thank goodness for the sea.. I went to a pirate cave, and an ampi theatre where gladiators fought.. Had yummy sea food every night. Great wine. and grappa. um the men are sleazy . The people are relaxed and worry free. They like to take it easy.. Probably cause it would be hard to have tons of energy in the sun like that.


Spain.. Ibiza was fun. full of lush English people.  Party central we clubbed and clubbed.. and met Pete tong.. Thanks to my mad dancing skills bumping us a spot in the vip area of pacha!! The beaches were soooo nice . white sand. clean water. Tiff and I took advantage of the all inclusive resort near us and ate free food and used their pool.. dont tell...

Barcelona was great. probably my second favourite place this trip after Denmark. We met some fun Canadian girls and went on a pub crawl with them and people from our hostel That was good fun. met some dirty Australian boys. haha oh and Dutch breakdancers if my memory serves me correctly. we also went on a Gaudi tour.. his architecture was a highlight of the trip for sure.. amazing stuff. it bewilders me how complex that mans brain must have been. we saw the Sagrada Familia.. which is just plain eye candy.. the most amazing building I have ever seen .. Looks like it belongs on another planet. And we shopped.. great stores.. i spent almost the same amount on clothes as i did tuition! yikes.  

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