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Baofeng Lake is up there

We have been warned that this day is the toughest in our whole trip.  After getting a good look at the area around our hotel, we set off to our first destination - Baofeng Lake.

The whole of Zhang Jia Jie is basically a tourist area.  There are no other industries and everyone makes a living out of tourism.  We stayed in the Wuling Scenic area, and it was a right thing to do as most of the places we went were just minutes away.

Baofeng Lake is supposed to be a lake that is high up on the mountains.  It is used as a filming location for one of the version of "The journey to the West", where Wukong lives in his Water Curtain Cave.  We had to climb up 200+ stairs in order to reach the lake at the top of the mountain.

The three peaks form a toad. from the left, it's lower lip, upper lip and eyes. There is a natural occurrence called "toad spitting moon" when the moon rises between the two "lips"
  Luckily, there are sedan-carriers who will "encourage" you to take their services and take you up to the lake in a sedan carried by them.  Some aunties who cant walk and climbed opted this form of transportation.  It's RMB150 for a return journey.

We climbed and then took a cruise on the lake.  There, a Tujia (one of the major minorities in Hunan) girl guide us around the strange mountain formations, sang us folk songs and basically just be what a guide should be.  The stone mountains and the water reminded me of the rafting I did in Taiwan, just that this time round, I am actually in a lake.

Baofeng Lake is very beautiful, but chilling.   After the cruise, we alight at another pier and climbed 3oo+ steps down the mountain.

Baofeng lake
  It is actually a very nice experience.  Imagine climbing down a circular stairs which is open-air and the moment you lift your head, what you see are natural vegatations, what you hear are birds chirping.  The weather is kind to us too.  As we are nested among the vegetation, it is not as chilling at all. 

Hunan's cuisine has three important features, which are oily, spicy and salty.  There are the three things that we do not like. After having our first meal, we decide that Hunan's cuisine shall be altered slightly.  Instead of being heavy on these three items, we opt for less. Nevertheless, it is still a very short bus ride before we reach our next destination-The Dragon King Cave.

My first time entering a tourist cave, was in Yunan.

You can climb the hills on sedans (powered by manpower)
  There, in Alugu cave, I saw the first stalamite.  I am quite sure I spelt that wrongly.  They are those pillars that are formed by water presence and some minerals, and these pillars form very interesting formation.  The one is Yunan actually has a lake in the cave.

Anyway,  the interesting thing about the cave is the temperature.  One would have thought that when you are in an underground cave, the temperature would be much colder.  However, it is the opposite for the Dragon King Cave.  The moment we went deeper in, the temperature became warmer.  It rises about 5degrees from the entrance to the warmest point. 

The whole trek is about 3km. But our group decided to stop halfway.  Probably, we were all hot and sweaty from the steps-climbing, and that is why we thought the temperature increase.

Serenity on Baofeng lake
  Apart from the steps, the formations were astonishing.  There were lights to give a more dramatic effect to certain scenes, and there are actually halls in the cave.  It really makes me wonder if the Dragon King really lives there.  There is a main hall, entrance hall etc, complete with a Sea-Calming pillar, and many formations which really looked very real.  I personally like the one that resembles a Longevity Deity looking after a pillar.  There is also one that looks like corn.  However, there are some that really looks eerie, espeically with the lightings.

After a tough day, we had dinner and rested for the night.  We stayed in Jin Hua hotel in Zhang Jia Jie.  It's an ok hotel.  But with all those climbing and walking, we decided that an early rest would be good, as we were going to the main attraction for the tour - Zhang Jia Jie National Park the next day.

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Baofeng Lake is up there
Baofeng Lake is up there
The three peaks form a toad. from …
The three peaks form a toad. from…
Baofeng lake
Baofeng lake
You can climb the hills on sedans …
You can climb the hills on sedans…
Serenity on Baofeng lake
Serenity on Baofeng lake
can you see the face of a young gi…
can you see the face of a young g…
I like the phrase, it means earni…
I like the phrase, it means "earn…
Dragon King Cave
Dragon King Cave
The first hall.  Its about 50m de…
The first hall. It's about 50m d…
Can you see a corn?
Can you see a corn?
The upper and lower pillar will me…
The upper and lower pillar will m…
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