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We leave Zhang Jia Jie today, but before we leave, we went to our last attraction, the Tu Jia Folks Museum.  There, we went to a typical Tujia house, which has many layers. We also saw the Tujia way of living, tasted their traditional snacks and then, started our 6 hour journey to Feng Huang.

Along the way, we stopped at Furong town.  Furong Town is a very quiet town, the lifestyle did not change much after decades.  The moment I stepped down of the bus, I saw pebbled roads, and shops, the Tujia way, lined the two sides of the road.  It reminds me of Lijiang, but more of the cobbled street I saw in York.  We went into a street, that leads to a waterfall.  Unfortunately, we can take photos of the waterfall, because the places are private property, and we have to pay to take photos there.
  But lucky for us, we saw a public place where we can take some photos.  Though we are unable to take the waterfall, the scene is still very nice.

All along the streets, there are shops all lined up.  This place is famous due to a film, which was shot there.  The interesting thing about Furong is that, there are no such things a public toilets.  The people are so "laid-back" that they converted part of their house to use as a toilet.  That way, they can charge tourists like us, who are on a long journey from Zhang Jia Jie to Feng Hua, to use the toilet.

After a short break at Furong, we continued our shaky road to Feng Huang.

Before we reached Feng Huang, we were warned that Feng Huang, unlike Zhang Jia Jie, is mostly still a developing place.
  There are people who beg, steal etc.  By the time we reached Feng Huand the sun has set.  We checked in and after dinner, our tour guide lead us to the night street in Feng Huang.

The place is very vibrant, not like the quiet town we were told it was.  There are lights along the shops, and lights on the trees that lay along the river.  We shopped among the peddler's stalls.  It is very barginable there. 

As we have half a free day in Feng Huang, we decided to leave most of the shopping to the next day.  However, as the peddler's stalls only open at night, we grabbed what we wanted from them and decided to check out the shops in the morning.
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The plaque given by the emperor in…
The plaque given by the emperor i…
The child just lay on the streets …
The child just lay on the streets…
Feng Huang
photo by: seahlk