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Umea (zeg Umeo)." onmouseout="'#fff'">Time for my first update after one week of staying in Umea (say Umeo).
Stockholm, stond ik maandag ochtend rond 11 uur op de vaste grond van mijn eindbestemming." onmouseout="'#fff'">After a tiring journey and an almost sleepless night in the hostel in Stockholm, on Monday morning around 11 hours I arrived on the solid ground of my final destination. Went straight to get my house keys and left to my room for the upcoming five months. For me, there was no time to chill at first and to meet all residents of my corridor, I unpacked my stuff, quickly scanned the room and house, walked to the shopping center 500m ahead to buy a few practical things and then immediately walked to the University for an orientation program (15min. walk). On my second day the courses already started, so from 12 to 4 pm we had a boring first lecture of guy that spoke shy English and Swedish together, but fortunately I have the book and got to know some classmates. On Tuesday evening I had my first Buddy program activity, it is at many universities in Sweden a way that Erasmus students come in contact with each other under the guidance of the Buddies from Sweden. (A real must for those who want to study in Sweden in the future) together with one housemate, Italian, I went to the activity. The rest of the evening continued in a Pub near my room and also the other buddy groups arrived there so it was a great party.
The rest of the week I did many things with my buddy group. We did a tour through the city, snow games in the evenings, pre-parties, pubben and last night we went clubbin in one of the biggest clubs of the city, The Rex!

Yet anything about Umea for the fans. Umea is the largest city in northern Sweden. It has about 110,000 inhabitants of which 90% is below 60 years of age. Less than 40 years ago there were only 20 to 30,000 inhabitants and so Umea it is the fastest growing city of Sweden. The University of Umea is really the engine of the city with 12,000 employees and 40,000 students (and attracting more every year), so you can't find much
industrial area over here. Umea really is known to be a knowledge-city. Umea is relatively close to the Arctic Circle and at the moment the daylight is up from 8am till 4pm, the temperature during lays between -5 to -7 and - 10 to -15 in the night with sometimes some outliers. A nice detail that I have picked up during some speaches is that they are not familiar with spring over here, somewhere in the middle of April winter changes into summer and you apparently can BBQ in the snow! (We shall see) one must also know that the city is nominated to be the cultural center of Europe in 2014 (at least thats what they are promoting non-stop). Now my big favourite thing over here, the IKSU. The IKSU is the largest sports center of northern Europe or no Europe. The range of sports is big, you can not think of as crazy or they have it. So since I was a little out of shape the past six months (which of course is my own fault) I can now fully train myself back on level!

Well it has become a long story so I hope you enjoyed it!

Until next blogg

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photo by: harleyd