The longest wait, the greatest reward

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It took me longer to leave Barcelona than I had initially thought. I really loved the friends I made there and there is something very special about the city, it attracts many special people and there is so much life and art in the streets.
The day I finally got out and left, the hitching did not go all as smooth as it sometimes does.
I had a long wait for my first ride and then only made it to just north of Girona where I had to wait for 18 hours, my longest wait ever. I never felt bothered or bored by having to wait. It's always the case with hitch hiking that you never wait too long, you're just waiting for the right person to stop. This has never been more true for me, my longest wait ever gave me my most amazing ride.

After falling asleep out front of the petrol station with my FRANCE sign at my feet I decided it would be better to just go to sleep on the grass behind the station, so I rolled out my sleeping bag and slept beneath the stars. I had made the aquaintence of a Bulgarian truck driver who after I woke in the morning told me that he had to go pick up his cargo, and that if I was still waiting on his way back in a few hours he could take me to the border of France, and within fifteen minutes of him leaving I stood out on the road with my FRANCE sign and my saviour arrived. A small red car filled with all sorts of everything and a black star painted on it was to be the vehicle sent from heaven to take me where ever I wanted to go.

As the driver opened the door after reorganising all of the things in his car he simply stated 'I'm here to save you from hitch hikers hell', his name was Malte and when I asked what he did he replied 'I'm a flute maker' and in this instant I knew this was certainly the ride I had been waiting for. After parting from paul and weeks of keeping my eyes and ears open for a flute that could be for me, waiting 18 hours at this small petrol station, I had a ride with a flute maker.

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photo by: anjok