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As we set off to leave the place I had waited so long Malte asked me where I was going, when I told him that I was to meet a friend in Lyon the next day he said that perhaps he could take me all the way as he was not entirely sure where he was going himself.
Shortly after crossing the border of France as we were driving along the coast I saw a bird flying that I had never seen before, 'They are flamingos', I was amazed. The one place in Europe where flamingos migrate to in summer. We found a breakfast of beautifuly ripened sweet grapes and found somewhere we could park the car and watch the flamingos for a while.
Naturaly I was enthralled with hearing about Malte's flutes, I had not heard heard or seen them yet, but knew that I wanted one and would be honoured to recieve such a thing from this amazing person. These flutes were unlike any I had ever heard of, no holes, played with just the strength of your breath and made from a very special wood. Elderberry, or Holunder in German, nature's medicine cabinet, fairy wood, body of the goddess, this fascinating wood has many properties, beliefs and personalities surrounding it. The German name comes from Frau Holle, a goddess who is said to be living within the very tree itself. In the middle ages there was much respect and fear for the tree, people would take off their hats in passing, and would not cut down or burn the tree. With many medicinal purposes in the leaves, flowers and berries, this tree is natures medicine cabinet and could often be found in the garden of many houses.
When telling Malte that I would be honoured to have one of his flutes, he simply replied 'you haven't heard it yet'. He had no finished flutes ready for sale, only his own which he told me he would not sell as it meant too much to him, the story of its origin was so powerful and it was the flute he recieved from his master. If he were to sell me a flute we would have to stop somewhere for half a day so that he could finish one he had been working on, and in this case he could not take me all the way to Lyon. We stopped in Avignon to have lunch and to check emails. Malte played the flute for me and I took my drum I had purchased two days earlier in Barcelona. The music of this flute was like nothing I had ever heard, it's sound and appearance was so natural and wonderful, like something straight from the forest. With unseen fairies and forest creatures dancing around his feet we headed into the city.
After reading his mail Malte said we must continue, he had to get to Berlin to chase the woman that he loved and didn't want to waste the day away in Avignon, so on we went. As he didn't have much money for feul I suggested that my buying a flute from him would help him make his way to Berlin. We kept driving and talking about so many things and made our resting place for the day somewhere off the road not too far from Orange.
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Posted on: Jun 20, 2007
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