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Through the small old streets of Lyon

As we stopped somewhere on the way to Lyon for a breakfast of sugary corn flakes and fresh cream, Malte offered me a flute he had been working on, but of a different kind. This flute was called a fujaka and being about my arms length was played with three holes. Trying to play this flute had a completely different feeling and I could see by Malte's expression that my playing wasn't so sweet as it had been on Malte's flute the day before. 'I don't think this is your flute...' he said as he reached into the car and bought out his flute, the flute which the day before he said he would never sell as it meant too much to him, he offered it to me and asked '...would you like this one?'. I was so touched and moved and amazed by this offer, after hearing and feeling so much of his love, respect and stories of these flutes and this one in particular that he would offer to pass it on to me. That if he was willing to chase his love to Berlin he had to be willing to give up everything for her, even if it was the end of him and letting go of this flute was part of it. It was a very intense exchange and I was more than happy to give him more than he originally asked for the flute to help him on his way back to Berlin. 'This flute will take you on adventure,' he told me 'it has a life of it's own.'

As Malte set me off on the outskirts of Lyon 28 hours after picking me up in the north of Spain I had so much to be thankful for. The best ride of my hitch hiking life, the stories we shared and conversations we had, and the gift of music, the overtone flute.

Once I met up with my good friend Patrick and we headed through the streets of Lyon together I was playing the flute all the time as we explored the city and in the tight old streets amongst the beautiful old houses the beautiful sounds of the flute were reaching out and coming back at us from all corners. As I went to sleep that night I had the first of many flutey dreams that were to come.

claritymcduff says:
i've not read a lot of your stories brother. i must. this story has made liquid ooze from my eye sockets. i love you brother. i miss you brother. you just get wonderfuller and wonderfuller.
Posted on: May 07, 2008
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Through the small old streets of L…
Through the small old streets of …
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