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Slovenia, Was a very peaceful country, a bit too quite for my liking. Got back on my bike and hit the motorway next stop Italy. The sun had now set , I was eating up the miles. Slowed down as I approached a tool booth. The guy in the booth demanded that I pay 35 euros. my jaw hit the floor, what I replied, 35 euros for what....That was nearly 35 pounds English. I began to argue with him, then suddenly the price changed to 27 euros. I smelled a rat now, He told me to park my bike behind his booth so the othet cars could ge through. I was fuming.Bike sill running I clicked her into gear and sped through the barrier, at full speed. My heart was pounding as fast as my pistons. The I talian boarder was only 20 km away, but I thought that that was not a good idea to head for the boarder. The guy in the boothe might of phoned ahead to tell the that there is a runny way heading for them. I exited at the next junction, which took me miles out of my way. About hundred mile to be precise. The roads were very dark and winding, It was  a hard ride. Things were going so well, when I turned into a small village, only to be stopped by a Slovenian policeman. Dam my heart sank I was surley going to get busted. I pulled over, and turned off my engine. How did they know that I was going to pass this way. Well this was it game over. The officer spoke very good English. He asked for my documents, which I promptly produced.Awas in order, he then told me to ride carfully along the dark roads , because wild boars roam about on the roads at night. I could not believe my luck, not a mention about the toll booth insedent, what a relief.He bid me fare well and I was on my way again, this time with a smile on my face. Italy here I come.
sylviandavid says:
How funny that there was a border charge.... I need to check to see if that is normal or a scam... we know the amount was made up...
Posted on: Jan 28, 2010
knowledgebee says:
Awesome blog, what an amazing journey.
Posted on: Jan 28, 2010
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