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wax shape

Origin: traditional

Polish name: Andrzejki (Andrews)

Participation: Party in the front, tradition in the back

On the St.Andrew’s Day Eve there should be a fun night party combined with some fortunetelling. There is a lot of games/fortunes that are typical for this day in Poland. There is also a lot of different types of nuts consumed on that day. The pageant was held mostly in the smaller towns or in the country side.Here are some traditional games that were played during the Andrzejki. The most popular is to trickle candle wax (sometimes through the key) onto water. Then based on the shape of the congealed wax, and what it remainds you, you can tell your future. Instead of pouring was one could also burn a piece of paper, and based on the shape of it’s shadow on the wall you could interpret your future. Other than that, there was a draw for the objects with symbolic meaning, and the object you've chosen (like money for richness, book for wisdom, ring for marriage, etc.) were to decide about your future. Of course on that day dream were also a great fortune so one always had to remember his dreams on that day.

There were many fortunes connected with foreseeing the husband by unmarried girls: The most popular for women was to put pieces of paper (on which they have written potential husbands) under the pillow and first thing in the morning they take one out, which reveals the name of the future husband. Another famous fortune like that was to put shoes  in the line, one by one, and the girl whose shoes were first to reach the porch was ment to get married first.

These days it's of course a great excuse to party, but some of these fortunes are still popular on this day.

sylviandavid says:
thanks for sharing these to try to predict the future....
Posted on: Dec 10, 2009
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wax shape
wax shape
pouring wax
pouring wax