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cover of the book "Dziady" by Adam Mickiewicz

Origin: Slavic Mythology

Polish name: Zaduszki

Participation: Symbolic

In Poland, this tradition even prevailed in the form of Christian Zaduszki feast (2 XI). There is even a very popular XIX century drama written by Polish-Lithuanian author Adam Mickiewicz, in which the II part is dedicated to this festivities.

The tradition of lighting candles comes from ancient slavic Dziady feast and originally would take place on All Souls' Day. However, due to later common misunderstandings, it is performed nowadays mainly on All Saints Day, but, in that case is not called All Souls Day.

The idea of the ancient Dziady feast was to commemorate the dead. Literaly „Dziady” means „The Grandfathers”. In those times it was held twice a year (also in spring), and it took form of a feast or ritual meals with libation. It always begun after sunset.

The goal was to commemorate the souls of people who waits in the limbo, those who died sudden death or commited suicides.

Nowadays in Poland Zaduszki is well remembered but practically noone celebrates it anymore. If someone decides to do so one will take some symbolic food to the graves.

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cover of the book Dziady by Adam…
cover of the book "Dziady" by Ada…
photo by: kamja